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To Notting Hill For a Pizza

As a coeliac, I don’t get to eat pizza very often.  In fact the last time, I ate one, was in Naples in 2009. But that was rather special in that the restaurant was one of the best in that wonderful city in Italy.

Otto Pizza is a short walk from Notting Hill Gate station. I found it on the web last night, after I felt that after seeing the poster in La Porchetta, that I ought to have found gluten-free pizza in the over two years, that I’ve lived in London.

So this lunchtime, I took the Underground to Notting Hill Gate station and then got a 328 bus to outside the restaurant at the Artesian Road stop. Not only did I have a delicious double-flavour pizza, I had a gluten-free beer as well.

The only problem was that streams of Wonga-encrusted buses kept stopping outside.

In fact in one short period of time, of the eight buses that stopped, five had adverts for the barely-legal loan shark.  And of the three that didn’t, one was a half-size bus and the other was still an advertising virgin, unmarked by commerce.

As to the unusual pancetta and sprout pizza, it was something I liked a lot.  But C, would have really turned up her nose at the Grapes of the Devil.

This is a restaurant that deserves to succeed big time, if only because it doesn’t follow the rule book laid down by big chains.

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  1. […] face it the weather doesn’t get any better as the day rumbles on.  When I went to Otto’s Pizzadrome, it wasn’t raining, but when I left God was sending every bit of water,  she could in our […]

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  2. You have just brought back great memories for me. When I was visiting my son in London last year, we did the same. We searched the internet for gluten free pizzas in London and then caught the tube to Notting Hill and had a delicious night eating at Otto’s.

    Comment by sleepinghorse | January 2, 2013 | Reply

    • It was good with a superb atmosphere.

      who says gluten-free food should be bland?

      Comment by AnonW | January 2, 2013 | Reply

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