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Pizza Again Last Night

It’s not often, I’ve ate pizza two nights running, but last night I went to Pizzesco after Cielo di Berlino in Berlin.

Both were gluten-free and washed done with Lammsbrau gluten-free beer.

If you give Pizza Express 7 out of 10, then Berlin would be 8 and Munich 9 or 10.

The only trouble with Pizzesco is that it gets busier every time I go.

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The Pizza Restaurant With No Cheese

Last night, two friends and myself, tried to have pizzas at Pizza Express in Walthamstow.

We left, as they’d run out of cheese.

It is not the standard I expect from this chain of restaurants.

But in the past, I’ve also found their Walthamstow restaurant had no gluten-free pizza dough and offered terrible service.

I doubt, I’ll be going again!

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Gluten Free Beer And Pizza In Berlin

For supper, I ventured into the non-touristy parts of Berlin to Yorckstrasse station to have supper at  Cielo di Berlino,

It was a trip worth making.

Although it nearly did get embarrassing, as they didn’t take credit cards and much of my euros had been used up. Note that in Germany cash points don’t seem to be as numerous as they are in the UK.

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Pizza Express and Aspall Cyder

I went back to Pizza Express at the Angel, this evening.

No problems at all, but the pizza seemed to be better than the last time. Not that it was bad in any way then.

The waitress was a bit worried that I drank the Aspall Cyder, as it is not marked as gluten-free on their menu.

I have had assurances from one of the owners of the manufacturers that it is gluten-free. But even if it is not, it certainly doesn’t affect me.

Last summer, I had a full allergy test, to try to get to the bottom of my rhinitis.  They couldn’t find any traces of gluten in my body, and as I drink quite a bit of Aspall cyder, it would have showed up positive, if any gluten had been present.

You can’t blame the waitress for being careful.  But I just don’t like the Green’s beer!

Anyway, I was conceived in Suffolk, just like Aspall’s cyder.

As I write this post, I’ve got another bottle of Aspall on the go!

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Gluten-Free Pizza At Pizza Express

For many years, Sunday afternoons and evenings for C and myself had a rhymn. We would go to the cinema at either the Cambridge Picturehouse or the Cineworld and then we’d go for a pizza  in Pizza Express, often at the Pitt Club, where I always had a Capricciosa. This pattern stopped in the early 2000s, when I was diagnosed as a coeliac, so sometimes I would have a salad Niçoise, or more likely we’d go to an Indian restaurant.

But all that has now changed, in that Pizza Express have produced a new very coeliac-friendly menu. This is the gluten-free page.

Last night, I went with two friends to the newly-refurbished Pizza Express at The Angel in Islington. We sat upstairs and for an avid street watcher like myself, it is a great place to sit.

I started with a bottle of my favourite long drink; Aspall Cyder.

Aspall Cyder At Pizza Express

Aspall Cyder At Pizza Express

They also have Green’s gluten-free beer, but I do prefer my Celia, when it comes to beer. The cyder is better than both with pizza.

I also had a Capricciosa, for the first time in perhaps ten years.

Gluten-Free Pizza At Pizza Express

Gluten-Free Pizza At Pizza Express

It tasted just like it did all of those years ago.

I think a personal tradition of a film followed by pizza is going to be revived.  all I need now is an attractive lady with whom to enjoy the experience.

I think too, you can’t accuse Pizza Express of being backward about going forward.

Advertising In Stereo

Advertising In Stereo

These two signs were outside.

My only problem, is that near me, there isn’t a Pizza Express with the quality of building of the Pitt Club in Cambridge.

I have a feeling that in a few years time, this will rate as one of the most significant events in dining out for coeliacs in the UK.

I wasn’t diagnosed as a child, but it must be very difficult, for both a coeliac child and their parents, when say at a birthday party, they get invited to a family restaurant.  Now they can at least eat pizza.

I think it is going to start a ripple in the various chains of restaurants, as they’ll have to follow suit.  After all, Carluccio’s and Jamie’s Italian, already operate a sensible policy on gluten-free food, and I suspect others do.

It’ll certainly make things much easier for me on my travels.  It’s already happened in Ipswich, in that the town has two Pizza Express restaurants. It’s just a pity, neither is close to Portman Road.

This will probably mean that the UK, will become one of the most coeliac-friendly countries for coeliacs to visit.

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Checking On Pizza Express

I walked past the Pizza Express in Islington this morning and looked at the menu outside to see about the gluten-free offering.

The Menu Outside Pizza Express, Islington

The Menu Outside Pizza Express, Islington

Note the gluten-free beer, although I think, I would prefer the Aspall Cyder.

The gluten-free statement is strong and comes with a NGCI symbol.  This apparently means No Gluten Containing Ingredients. This is an accreditation from Coeliac-UK. Read about it here.

As it was early and the place was empty of customers, I went inside and talked to one of the staff. She showed me the serving area and allowed me to take this picture.

Cake at Pizza Express

Cake at Pizza Express

Note the “contains gluten” sticker.

The whole system they have put in seems to be very professional and as fail-safe as you can make it.

The lady I spoke to, said that all restaurants will be offering exactly the same menu.

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Pizza Express’s Professional Approach To Gluten-Free

If they’ve got it right, which I suspect they have as it’s a big pitch, Pizza Express have taken a bold approach to adding gluten-free to their menus. You open their web site and on the right is a large block labelled GLUTEN FREE.  Click it and you learn that they talk about 100% taste, risotto, brownies and even gluten-free Pilsner. They even reverse the usual dishes you can have to ones you should avoid.

They also say that their approach has been endorsed by Coeliac-UK.

I shall definitely be trying them out in the next few days.

At least it gives me somewhere to have lunch in Ipswich, when I watch the football!

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Gluten Free Pizza And Beer In Munich

I never thought, I’d be able to write a post with this title.

But I had the second memorable meal of the trip at Pizzesco.

The beer was one of the best gluten free beers I’ve ever had and is available from Beers of Europe.

The pizza was excellent too.

I have a feeling that this restaurant was working a rather informal payment method.  If you wanted another bottle of beer, you just seemed to get it out of the fridge and they then counted the empties for the bill.

I doubt that would work in the UK.

Incidentally, the Italian owner used to work with Dr. Schar and that could be why his pizzas were so good.

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To Notting Hill For a Pizza

As a coeliac, I don’t get to eat pizza very often.  In fact the last time, I ate one, was in Naples in 2009. But that was rather special in that the restaurant was one of the best in that wonderful city in Italy.

Otto Pizza is a short walk from Notting Hill Gate station. I found it on the web last night, after I felt that after seeing the poster in La Porchetta, that I ought to have found gluten-free pizza in the over two years, that I’ve lived in London.

So this lunchtime, I took the Underground to Notting Hill Gate station and then got a 328 bus to outside the restaurant at the Artesian Road stop. Not only did I have a delicious double-flavour pizza, I had a gluten-free beer as well.

The only problem was that streams of Wonga-encrusted buses kept stopping outside.

In fact in one short period of time, of the eight buses that stopped, five had adverts for the barely-legal loan shark.  And of the three that didn’t, one was a half-size bus and the other was still an advertising virgin, unmarked by commerce.

As to the unusual pancetta and sprout pizza, it was something I liked a lot.  But C, would have really turned up her nose at the Grapes of the Devil.

This is a restaurant that deserves to succeed big time, if only because it doesn’t follow the rule book laid down by big chains.

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