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The Tube Will Run Later

I’m not sure it will make much difference to me, but many in London will welcome the announcement that the London Underground will run through to two in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays from 2015. It’s reported here in the Standard.

Let’s hope that the negotiations with the unions, also clear up the non-running of the system on Boxing Day.

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Ticketmaster Gives Captcha The Boot

I don’t like the Captcha technology on web sites, that define, whether I’m human or not. it’s all because I have a gammy left hand and can’t always be relied on to get it right.

So I was pleased to see that Ticketmaster has ditched the dreaded system for something better. It’s all here on the BBC.

Let’s now make all passwords and questions case insensitive, so that I can get them right first time.

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Should We Have A Benefits Cash Card?

It has been proposed by a thinktank, that those on benefit should get a cash card, that they can only spend on approved purchases, that would not include alcohol, cigarettes, Sky television, gambling and other things that the great and good felt were not necessary.

It’s one of these issues like capital punishment, that if went to a referendum, the general public would vote for.

I wouldn’t, as it is just against my beliefs.

We need to cut down the drinking of alcohol and the smoking of tobacco, but this doesn’t just apply to those on benefit.

But the biggest fault in the proposal is the practicalities.

I am a coeliac and if someone like me was on a benefits cash card, would they be restricted from buying good quality food. After all the gluten-free food you get on prescription is generally crap.

And let’s say you are careful and always shop in the local market, where good food is often cheaper.  Is every market stall going to have the expense of accepting the cards, when cash is the best method of payment.  So will the cards be able to withdraw cash.

I’ve had times in my life, when I wasn’t very well off and I always resort to cash, as I then know how much I’ve got left.


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The Mouse That Interrupted Radio

The clip of yesterday’s rodent has been uploaded to the Guardian’s web site.

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More On Hedgehogs and Foxes

In this post I mused on the decline of hedgehogs and felt that foxes were to blame.

I’ve just found this article on the web from the Epping Forest Hedgehog Rescue.  They are in no doubt, that foxes are cutting the number of hedgehogs.

I can also think back to the 1980s and 1990s, when I used to live in East Suffolk, just north of Ipswich.  In that area, foxes were not a common sight, and I never actually saw one, although I did smell them, just as I smell them on my doorstep here in Hackney.

When I moved to Newmarket, foxes were much more numerous and hardly a day passed, without seeing one on the stud.

So what is the difference between East and West Suffolk.  In the east, they used to hunt hares with hounds, whereas in the west, they hunted foxes.  So I suspect that any fox in East Suffolk, got short shrift from farmers and gamekeepers, as they knew the hunt wouldn’t do anything about them.

As I said in the previous post, I never saw a hedgehog in West Suffolk, but in the East, I at least saw the occasional one.

Thinking about the problem more, you don’t see much traditional fox food in London.  There are no rabbits or hares, so that just leaves hedgehogs and squirrels. Even scavenging round here isn’t a good idea, as we all have wheely bins.

So I suppose, once the foxes learned to kill hedgehogs, it was just passed on through the generations.

I believe, that must do something about foxes, if we want to save the hedgehog.

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