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Exploring Budapest

As I usually do, I used a combination of walking and the various trams and metro lines. There is a card called a Budapest Card, but at the first station I tried near the airport, they just sold me an ordinary 24 hour ticket.

These are some of the pictures I took.

Particularly useful was the number 2 tram, which ran up and down the Danube. If you’ve got a 24-hour ticket, just get on the tram and sit down. You don’t have to touch in, although my ticket was checked on the Metro.

The only problems I had were the extreme cold and the lack of information and maps on the street.  But Budapest is one of those cities, where you can generally see one of major features like the Danube, Buda Castle or St. Stephen’s Basilica.

On the other hand, when I did get lost, a friendly Hungarian usually put me right. I was plagued a bit by hop-on/hop-off tourist bus salesmen, but I just ignored them, as I prefer to play my game of chance with the public transport. You see more interesting things, like the little girl sitting on the dog statue. How many places would allow that?

Incidentally, Line 1 of the Budapest Metro is the second oldest in the world and is included in the World Heritage Site for Budapest.

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  1. You didnt try the spas??
    Stayed in Budapest for a couple of days in mid summer 2005…prior to going south to my nephews wedding near Lake Ballaton.

    Stayed at the Hotel Gellert…at the side of the Chain bridge..with wonderful views of the Danube.

    To reach the spa from the hotel..go down in a lift., by a person related to Rosa Kreb out of the Bond film….and the lift opens..into a roman spa.

    The water is 38C..and full of minerals. Outside…the water was the same temperature…and the place was busy..whole families…enjoying the pools….

    Would have done you a lot of good…it certainly eases muscular aces and pains…

    This was literally a month before I broke my leg….

    Make a point of a visit next time….


    Comment by Janet | April 14, 2013 | Reply

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