The Anonymous Widower

The Kröller-Müller Museum

The Kröller-Müller Museum contains an art collection. It is set in The National Park de Hoge Veluwe, near Arnhem.

The gallery contains examples of many great painters and is surrounded by sculpture displayed in a wooded landscape.

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The Kelpies

The Kelpies are best described by these pictures.

I liked them and their setting in the sun was excellent. This Google Map shows their location to the West of the M9 Motorway and South of the River Carron.

The Kelpies And The Helix

The Kelpies And The Helix

The  area to the South has been converted into a park called The Helix. I came on a bus called The Loop from Falkirk Grahamstown station.

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Memorials On The Liverpool Pier Head

Liverpool is proud of its maritime heritage and the Pier Head on the Mersey is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site called the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City.

When Celia and I met in Liverpool in the 1960s, it was a simpler place, where we would walk to take the ferry across the Mersey.

These pictures show the Pier Head today.

I’d never realised that the road across the Pier Head, had been named Canada Boulevard in honour of Canadians, who lost their lives in the Battle of the Atlantic or the war against German U-boats.

Shown in the pictures is the memorial to Captain Johnnie Walker, one of the leading British commanders in the battle.

The scale of the battle is shown by the fact that according to Wikipedia the Allies lost over 70,000 sailors, 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships, whereas the Germans lost 30,000 sailors and 783 submarines.

One thing that wasn’t there in the 1960s is the canal that links the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to the Stanley Dock, so narrow-boats can visit the city centre.

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An Unusual Sculpture Outside Osnabruck Station

It’s rather unusual, as they turn.

Perhaps I should have made a video.

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I wasn’t in Chemnitz long, as there isn’t much to see. But I did walk to the centre from the train station, have a reasonable gluten-free lunch and then get a tram back to the station.

The enormous head of Karl Marx in the main square is a real compliment to his philosophy. I’ve not seen the one in Highgate Cemetery on his grave, but judge for yourself which is the best.

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Bus Art

This is the first I’ve seen, but there are several over London.

This one was by the Bank of England

There is more about the sculpture trails here.

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Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

I like sculpture and I spent a pleasant half-an-hour in the garden of the Babara Hepworth Musem in the rain.

We need to get more of our great sculptures out of the sterile museums and into the open air.

I know there’s a security problem with bronzes, but if we choose the locations carefully, we should be able to minimise the theft.

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Liverpool Resurgent Or Phred!

Jacob Epstein‘s sculpture entitled Liverpool Resurgent sits on the front of the Lewis’s Department Store in Liverpool.

When I was at Liverpool University in the 1960s, during Panto or Rag Week, we used to walk down Brownlow Hill to pay homage to the sculpture, who was always known colloquially as Phred.

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Is There Space On The Overground For Large Art?

In November 2013, I had a letter published in The Times entitled Underground Art.

As I had a bit of time to waste, I checked out some of the stations near where I live, as to their suitability of placing a large sculpture on the platforms.

Dalston Junction, Highbury and Islington and Caledonian Road and Barnsbury stations have space for the right piece of large art, but the space at Canonbury is such, that you could position a small tank engine there, if the platform was strong enough.

Other stations might not be suitable, as most do not have the large island platforms of these four stations.

I have no idea how much suitable sculpture would be available. I have read or viewed reports that a lot of art is now in store, because of the danger of theft. So why shouldn’t it be safely on display on stations?

Obviously, it would need to be installed using a maintenance train. But that in itself is a big deterrence against scrap metal thieves, as they’d probably have to get the art out that way.

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Who Nicked Me Titfer?

I took this picture of the statue of the Duke of Wellington.

Who Nicked Me Titfer?

Who Nicked Me Titfer?

Someone has stolen the road cone, he usually wears as a hat!

There’s a report about this on Scotland Now!

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