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Signs With Sensible Distances

I don’t think I’ve noticed these signs in Ipswich before.

Signs With Sensible Distances

Signs With Sensible Distances

Even if they’re not new, they have at least got distances that are marked sensibly.

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A Football Team In Pink

You see very few football teams wearing pink.  But Birmingham City did today.

A Football Team In Pink

A Football Team In Pink

It’s actually Birmingham’s third kit, as The Sun reports here.

I would have thought, it wasn’t a good idea from a commercial point of view, as I suspect, pink replica shirts wouldn’t be good sellers.

There is more on pink football shirts here.




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Around The Gherkin

I’ve never been to the base of the Gherkin or 30, St. Mary Axe to name it correctly, until today.

A lot of the buildings between the Gherkin and Liverpool Street station have  now been removed and the views of the building are a lot better, as some of the pictures show. Note the reflection of the Gherkin in the windows of TK-Maxx.

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Ed Balls and Twitter

You can read what you like into this story about Ed Balls handling of Twitter.

I would just ask one question.  Would you like to see this politician in charge of the economy?

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Nuts May Contain Nuts

A supermarket is in trouble for not saying a packet of monkey nuts contains nuts. It’s here in the Guardian.

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Syria And Sarin Gas

following the attack on the Tokyo subway with sarin gas in 1995, I asked a friend, who is one of Cambridge’s most eminent chemists about how difficult it is to make sarin gas. He indicated that making the gas is not the problem, but stopping it killing those who make it, is a difficult one, as even a tiny leak is fatal.

For protection, he said, you need the best protection suits. And they are very difficult to obtain and extremely expensive.

So who is providing Syria with these suits? Or do they want to kill everybody, even their own soldiers?

But with Syria, who knows what they think?

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