The Anonymous Widower

Bognor Is Just Like Felixstowe

it was an uneventful trip to Bognor, except for the loss of the pen. And all at a ticket cost of just £14.75 in a very clean train.

The only excitement on the way down was two Dutch tourists, who in killing time changing planes at Gatwick, decided they’d visit Crawley. Surely, there must be something better to do at the Airport!

Here are some of the pictures I took.

It could all have been Felixstowe, as I remember it as a child.

That town wasn’t the best place to be a teenager. Especially, where you had no transport, buses were rare and there were about three trains a day.

At least Bognor had a bus to get me back to the train station, which seemed to run about every fifteen minutes.  I needed the bus, as I’d probably walked about three miles.

Once off the sea-front, I only passed one pub. And I think, I only saw two in the first mile or so, whilst in the town centre.

Did King George V liked a drink, and couldn’t find any in the town?  Hence his supposed remarks.

Perhaps, James Joyce went there to stay sober enough to write Finnegan’s Wake.

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