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Who Says We Can’t Win Penalty Shoot-Outs?

Not one of my football teams, like England and Ipswich ever seems to win a penalty shoot-out.

But today the England women won a penalty shoot-out to get to the final of the European hockey championship.

Let’s hope they’ve broken everybody’s hoodoo.

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Currys Just Take The Piss

I tried last week to unsubscribe from Currys as I reported here.

But guess what happened this afternoon!

They sent me more ruddy spam!

At times like this you reach for something to threaten them with!  So I’ve just called my solicitor and given him carte blanche to make them squirm.

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The Death Of The Voice Of Reason

Few in the UK have heard of Narendra Dabholkar, but according to this report, he was murdered in India a few days ago. Here’s an extract.

Blaming opponents of the anti-superstition bill for the murdering rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said organisations behind such acts should be isolated and their activities stopped.

Amid spontaneous public outrage and grief over 69-year-old Dabholkar’s killing in Pune on Tuesday, the state government on Wednesday had cleared a proposal to promulgate an ordinance to check black magic and inhuman religious rituals.

“The forces which did not want this Bill to be presented and passed into a law were the people responsible for silencing his voice,” Mr. Chavan said.

Before we say that things like this don’t go on in the UK, we ought to look at ourselves carefully. David Aaronovitch in the Times yesterday wrote a powerful piece about this case and detailed cases all over the world and in our past.

I am happy with my life as a scientifically-correct atheist, but doubt I’ll ever see superstition and most religion consigned to the dustbin of history. Let’s face it we can’t even get to grips with things like the appalling treatment of women, children, and those with a different colour or sexual orientation, by quite a few people in this country.

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Will Anybody Notice?

There is suppose to be another strike in Post Offices this weekend, according to this report on the BBC.

Will anybody actually notice?

The last time, I went into a Post Office was to collect a packet that the postman couldn’t deliver.  I queued for far too long, with most people seemingly buying the odd first class stamp.

I do post the odd parcel, but surely this could be handled by clever automated machines in the wall or by using the good on-line system and then putting the parcel in an oversize post box.

In a year or so, there will hardly be any Post Offices anyway. I have four handy to me and I pass at least one regularly every day.  Isn’t that too many?

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