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Tarragon Chicken

This is another of Lindsey Bareham’s recipes from The Times.  The original is here.

I started by chopping an onion in my little chopper.

An Onion In My Chopper

An Onion In My Chopper

I continued by  gently frying it in some butter in my frying pan.

Spftening The Onion

Spftening The Onion

This should take about 15 minutes. Whilst it was cooking, I cut up three mini chicken fillets into small pieces.

A peeled, finely chopped and crushed garlic clove with a pinch of salt was added to the onion and cooked for a couple of minutes.

The chicken was then added, turning the pieces as they changed colour.

Cooking The Chicken

Cooking The Chicken

A teaspoon of flour was then sprinkled over the top and stirred. 150 ml. of chicken stock was added and the mixture was allowed to bubble up and thicken. Season as required, add one teaspoon of chopped tarragon and three tablespoons of thick cream and then stirring occasionally, let it cook for 10-15 minutes or until the chicken is tender.

Finally adjust the seasoning to taste, with salt, pepper and lemon.

Dinner Is Served

Dinner Is Served

It was good and I served it as Lindsey suggested with green beans and new potatoes.

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Kings Cross Square Is Nearly There

I took these pictures recently and it looks like the opening date of the 25th will be met.

Although there is nothing as a certainty in construction, where completion dates are concerned.

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A Cause For Complaint In The Scottish Capital

I was checking a Carluccio’s restaurant for lunch today in London and not that they now have two in Scotland; Glasgow and Aberdeen.

I wonder if they’ve had any complaints signed Disgusted in Morningside.

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Dealing With Late Trains

Last night after the Yeovil match, there was a spot of bother on the trains at Ipswich. A freight train had broken down and the knock on meant that all of the other trains were delayed and cancelled.

I’d just missed the 21:43 back to London and the next one, which was the 22:23 had been cancelled. So I had to wait nearly an hour until the 22:43 arrived.  Thankfully on time! It was on time at Liverpool Street, despite having to make two extra stops.

GreaterAnglia dealt well with the problem and there were staff everywhere.  The only place I didn’t see any staff was on the train, but that didn’t of course matter.

Because of the delays getting to Sudbury from Ipswich was difficult and GreaterAnglia were providing extra transport from Colchester to get people home.

So their response was excellent and totally at the other end of the spectrum to what I got from Deutsche Nahn at Osnabruck.

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It Was Another Win Last Night For Ipswich Town

Last night, I went to see Ipswich Town play there home match against Yeovil. They won 2-1, although they made a bit of heavy weather of it.

Still a win is a win and they’re now up to 11th in the Championship.

A question that will go in an Ipswich pub quiz has turned up this season and we mused it over at half time..

With Christophe Berra‘s goal against Birmingham a few weeks ago, who was the previous Scot to score for the team?

I thought it could be John Wark, but searching showed that it was Alex Mathie.  Last night, someone said it was Tommy Miller, but although he scored a lot for Ipswich, he never got into a Scottish team and was not born north of the border.

How you frame the question could give a range of answers.

But it has been a long time coming.

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