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A Crazy Day!

Yesterday was a day I won’t forget.

As I said in this post, I was having a lot of frustrations with East Midland Trains, and decided to come back by Virgin from Birmingham.

I also decided to make a day of travelling, as I had someone with an idea, to meet in Manchester, so I decided to go via Preston and then come in to Manchester from the north west.

I left on the 08:30 from Euston and my main reason to go to the city was to see Preston bus station and the city’s buses.  Although, I did walk around the market and the shopping area, visit the Preston Martyrs Memorial, looking unsuccessfully for a cup of coffee. It is not a city centre of which to be proud, as I mused here.

I left around 13:00 and took trains 2 and 3 of the day to get to Eccles via Huyton.

Arriving in Eccles, I bought a day travelcard for the trams and then explored some of the new lines, before going back Carluccio’s in Piccadilly station to have my meeting.

I then took trains 4 and 5, from Manchester to Derby after my meeting, saw the match which was a crazy four-all draw and then came back into Euston at 01:30 this morning, using trains 6 and 7.

I’m a bit tired this morning, but it was a good day and it could have been much worse if Ipswich had lost. It would also have been a lot more expensive, if I’d decided to partake of some of dubious and very expensive hospitality of East Midlands Trains.

I must say this for Travelodge, who when I decided to not use the room I had booked, allowed me to painlessly cancel it with no charge over the Internet.

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A New Excuse!

This morning I received a bill, that I had been expecting, so I paid it immediately.

I sent the company, an e-mail saying that the transfer was in cyberspace!

Is that a new version of the cheque is in the post?

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