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My Poor Hand

This morning, I cut my hand accidentally, as I walked the Regent’s Canal.  How I don’t know, but despite timely repairs by the nurse at my surgery nearby, the wound refused to stop bleeding and I had to go to A & E at University College Hospital.

The nurse at UCLH, who bandaged my hand, put the bleeding down to the interaction between Warfarin and the other drugs I am taking.

The strange thing is that I can now type easier and get the Shift and Control keys right.

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A Sad, Lonely Lith On The Regent’s Canal

I encountered this sad and lonely lith surrounded by rubbish on the Regents Canal today.

I was walking the canal to try to see if I could find anything to raise at the De Beauvoir Ward Forum in the evening.

We need more of these at every entrance to the tow-path and I hope the rubbish is cleared up soon.

It’s the first lith, I’ve seen that has been vandalised.

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That Was A Storm That Wasn’t

Yesterday’s storm wasn’t exactly one in a teacup, but compared to that of October 16th, 1987, it wasn’t the biggest. The BBC have a comparison here.

Personally, I was unaffected this time, especially as that of 1987 could have killed me. I went to a celebration last night near Berkeley Square and except for getting rather wet, I didn’t have any problems. But several of those present had come down from Liverpool and had tales of taxis from Rugby or roundabout routes via Reading.

Sadly four people died in the storm, but the level of damage was a lot less than 1987, where it took two weeks for Suffolk to get back to normal.

There was a bit of damage near where I live.

Damage In Southgate Road

Damage In Southgate Road

But it was all reasonably back to normal by mid-morning, when this picture was taken.

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