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Off To Bilbao

I think, I might be flying off to Bilbao on Sunday. I’ve found a nice hotel by the Guggenheim Museum and then it will be home by train, staying nights in Biarritz, Bordeaux and possibly,Paris.

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Are BT Winding Me Up?

BT have said, I can’t have fibre-optic broadband, as I’m too close to the exchange.  But this poster has appeared opposite my house, on a BT box.

That is just not on.  So should I complain to OFCOM?

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A Quick Analysis Of Bank Phishing E-Mails

I have been collecting bank phishing e-mails since July.

I’ve received a hundred and six of them, with most banks being mentioned a couple of times. The scores were as follows.

Halifax – 2

Nationwide – 2

HSBC – 9

Santander – 2

Lloyds – 2

But this is dwarfed by twenty six aimed at customers of RBS and Natwest. Let’s face it, if you’re a phishing expert, you might target a bank with well-publices problems, as an e-mail about security issues might be expected. Incidentally, I’ve never had an e-mail of any sort from Nationwide, except for a monthly one, to say that my statement is ready. But that has no links in it.

So that is another reason to leave the bank, as because you are obviously not that savvy in staying with them, you might be the sort of person, who falls victim to the scam.

But I wouldn’t think of moving to Barclays, as they score a massive 53 in the period.

It would seem to me, that the time you are most vulnerable to scams is just after you’ve changed banks, so as there are still Barclays phishing e-mails flying around, I’d avoid them.

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Would Any Sane Person Bank with RBS?

RBS had yet another computer failure last night, as reported here on the BBC.

This would appear to be the third time, after this failure in March and the one referred to here in 2012.

If you search this blog for Natworst, you’ll find a few more customer service failures.

Show me someone who banks with RBS or one of their sorry subsidiaries and I’ll show you an idiot! Why haven’t they moved their account away from this complete travesty of a company? The answer must be a five letter word beginning with I.

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