The Anonymous Widower

A Walk By A Wild Sea

I came back to the hotel the long way, by walking along the coast road and then climbing a zig-zag path up the cliffs.

It certainly opened up my breathing.

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Even The Tourist Office Was Open!

Surprisingly, the Tourist Office in Biarritz was fully open.

But I don’t think you could call Biarritz by any means. a sleepy town.

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Hotel Du Palais, Biarritz

The Hotel Du Palais is a hotel steeped in history and luxury.

I would have stayed there if it hadn’t been closed for the winter.

After all, they did let Michael Portillo in.

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A Man With A Cat

I need say no more!

But then it is Biarritz!

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Exploring Biarritz

Today, was the sixth anniversary of C’s death.

So I walked around the town contemplating what might have been.

What surprised me was how busy the town was, with cafes and shops fully open.  It made Bilbao look like a morgue.

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Biarritz’s Free Shuttle

Biarritz has a free shuttle bus, that operates around the town.

Biarritz's Free Shuttle

Biarritz’s Free Shuttle

This was the stop outside the hotel.

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A Sensible Hotel In Biarritz

It was the third time in recent months, that I’d stayed in a Radisson Blu hotel.

It was practical and the bathroom was one where I could have a good bath, without fighting the designers ideas. Not sure on the tile design though!

i could also have taken my ironing, as I don’t have one at home.

I also got gluten-free bread with my meals.

Something, that I couldn’t photo was the television. A normal Samsung, but it had access to every channel possible.  I watched the London flavour of BBC1, but all the other regions were available.  So even Alex Salmond would have felt at home! If you’d been a Coronation Street fan, ITV was also available.

These days, with satellites and the Internet everywhere, surely a hotel can provide guests with every possible flavour, which has some degree of decency and taste. If I can get hundreds of channels in my house in Hackney for a few hundreds a year, I can’t see the problem.

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