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Would I Go Back To Biarritz Again?

Of course I would!

Especially, if I could be guaranteed some weather like I had just experienced.  The temperature had been about 14 °C with a humidity of over 50%

I do wonder about my father’s health.  He suffered from a similar catarrh to that I’ve suffered for the last couple of years and he had lots of skin problems. He always put the latter down to the solvents he used in his printing business. I’m pretty certain he was a coeliac too, as I must have got the genes from somewhere.

I also remember him saying once that he had been to Biarritz.  So did he go because he felt healthy there, as I just had?

I don’t know and there’s no-one I can ask who knew him, who’s still alive.

But as I seem to feel better in Biarritz, if I think I need a break in the winter, I think I’ll go.

Trains seem to take between five and six hours from Paris and there seems to be at least one train every hour.

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Through The Fog To Bordeaux

The train was a TGV Atlantique, which had started at Hendaye and after Bordeaux, it would be on its way to Paris. The visibility wasn’t good.

Through The Fog To Bordeaux

Through The Fog To Bordeaux

We also arrived in Bordeaux a few minutes late. But the train wasn’t at anyway near the speed it would attain on the high speed line; LGV Atlantique to Paris.

It was a typical boring and professional train ride, that is becoming common all over Europe.

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An Early Start From Biarritz

I had intended to leave Biarritz at about mid-morning to travel to Bordeaux, but then I hadn’t planned for the French rail unions, who decided the twelfth would be a good day for a strike.

I found out in the afternoon, when I went to the SNCF Boutique in the centre of Biarritz to get a ticket. There were just two trains on the Thursday; one at seven in the morning and one at six in the evening. Much, as I had enjoyed Biarritz, I wanted to get to Bordeaux at a sensible time.

So it had to be the 07:13 train. But this meant that I had to leave the hotel at six without any breakfast.

I would have to have my sumptuous meal later!

The station was surprisingly warm at about fourteen degrees.

But I certainly didn’t have a warm feeling towards the French rail unions. I had planned to buy myself a sumptuous supper last night to mark six years since the death of my wife, C.  But instead, I just had a reasonable steak in the hotel.

So my plans had been totally ruined.

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A Walk By A Wild Sea

I came back to the hotel the long way, by walking along the coast road and then climbing a zig-zag path up the cliffs.

It certainly opened up my breathing.

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Even The Tourist Office Was Open!

Surprisingly, the Tourist Office in Biarritz was fully open.

But I don’t think you could call Biarritz by any means. a sleepy town.

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Hotel Du Palais, Biarritz

The Hotel Du Palais is a hotel steeped in history and luxury.

I would have stayed there if it hadn’t been closed for the winter.

After all, they did let Michael Portillo in.

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A Man With A Cat

I need say no more!

But then it is Biarritz!

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Exploring Biarritz

Today, was the sixth anniversary of C’s death.

So I walked around the town contemplating what might have been.

What surprised me was how busy the town was, with cafes and shops fully open.  It made Bilbao look like a morgue.

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Biarritz’s Free Shuttle

Biarritz has a free shuttle bus, that operates around the town.

Biarritz's Free Shuttle

Biarritz’s Free Shuttle

This was the stop outside the hotel.

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A Sensible Hotel In Biarritz

It was the third time in recent months, that I’d stayed in a Radisson Blu hotel.

It was practical and the bathroom was one where I could have a good bath, without fighting the designers ideas. Not sure on the tile design though!

i could also have taken my ironing, as I don’t have one at home.

I also got gluten-free bread with my meals.

Something, that I couldn’t photo was the television. A normal Samsung, but it had access to every channel possible.  I watched the London flavour of BBC1, but all the other regions were available.  So even Alex Salmond would have felt at home! If you’d been a Coronation Street fan, ITV was also available.

These days, with satellites and the Internet everywhere, surely a hotel can provide guests with every possible flavour, which has some degree of decency and taste. If I can get hundreds of channels in my house in Hackney for a few hundreds a year, I can’t see the problem.

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