The Anonymous Widower

Who Called His Daughter Orienta?

It was Julian Lloyd Webber, as he is a massive Leyton Orient fan.

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The Lawyers Did Very Well Here!

This case, reported in the Daily Mail is well summed up by the headline.

The £40,000 battle of the wheelie bins: Homeowner slapped with massive legal bill after row with neighbour ends up in court

When will people ever learn, that a quick way to lose lots of money, is to send a trivial dispute that could be settled over a cup or glass of something to the lawyers.

The only winners here are the lawyers, who walked away with bulging trousers.

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Susanna Reid Makes A Confession

Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast this morning confessed that she has a shopping trolley. I didn’t realise she was either obese or over sixty!

But she did say it was full of plastic bags!

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Ronnie Biggs

His death is definitely not news!

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London Shows Contactless Cards Work On Buses

This article on Finextra, shows that what the Dismal Jimmies predicted when you could use your contactless cards for bus travel didn’t happen. Here’s the two paragraphs.

Transport for London is celebrating a successful one-year anniversary of the use of contactless payments cards on the capital’s buses, as it prepares to extend the technology to the entire transit network in 2014.

Since it was launched on Thursday 13 December 2012 when 2,061 customers made 2,586 journeys, more than 6.5 million journeys have now been made using an American Express, MasterCard or Visa Europe contactless payment card.

So now we have another good thing, that the banks have done for us in addition to the cash machine.

I hope, I’m young enough to be able to use my contactkess bank card on public transport all over the world. It would certainly have helped in Bilbao and a lot of other places I’ve visited this year.

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