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Will Farringdon Station Become A Destination In Itself?

Until Crossrail is opened, I don’t think we can know the effect that it will have on London’s transport systems. I put a few of my thoughts in this post about London’s airports, but at the time I hadn’t read read Crossrail’s description of the new Farringdon station on its web site. Here’s a key paragraph.

Situated at the intersection of a new east-west and north-south axis, it will be possible to directly connect with three of London’s five airports (with single interchange to the other two), providing a highly desirable railway connection between Heathrow and Gatwick. We believe this interchange will become so important to London that Farringdon will re-emerge as a destination in itself.

I couldn’t agree more.

There will need to be a new Airports Commission, as Crossrail will be the London’s biggest gamechanger since the Underground.

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London Zoo On A Cold And Wet Day

Logic would say that you don’t go to the zoo on a cold, wet and miserable day.

But I’ve just returned from such a trip to a far from empty London Zoo.

A couple of people I met, said that they always went, often with kids on Christmas Eve.

I’ll certainly go again! Even if I did have to go to Carluccio’s afterwards for a warming cup of tea and a nourishing cake.

One advantage of being a Friend of the Zoo, as I am, is that you can get in through a gate that is much closer to the 274 bus stop from Islington.

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Gorillas In The Cold And Rain

Even the gorillas were braving the weather.

It just shows what a lot of softies we’ve become! Although, I will admit one or two did prefer to be inside in the warm.

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Tigers Must Be Tougher Than We Are!

I popped into the Tiger Territory at the zoo and was half expecting to find that the tigers were fast asleep in the warm somewhere!

But as the pictures show, at least the male tiger; Jae Jae, was showing himself off.

But we mustn’t forget that tigers aren’t averse to water and have regularly been seen in snow in Siberia in wildlife programmes.

On the other hand, these are Sumatran tigers, more used to sun and rain than snow!

It was also rather pleasing to see that there were quite a few visitors. Many seemed to be from overseas.  I actually talked to some Germans, Ecuadorians and Chinese, who’d come to London for Christmas.

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Some Lively Colobus Monkeys

London Zoo has a group of black and white colobus monkeys.

The weather seemed to have no effect on them. Although, when I took the pictures, there does seem to be blue sky above.

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The Penguins Were Being Penguins

What else is there to say about London Zoo’s mainly home-bred show-offs?

Even with the temperature in single-figures they weren’t bothered.

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My Seventh Christmas Alone

I thought that it can’t be, but it is!  I could rewrite this post from 2010, but that would be boring.

I am struggling to get to the football on Boxing Day and except for lunch tomorrow, I’ve got very little planned.

And surprise, surprise, the television is crap and of course there’s no live sport.

This afternoon, I’m going to see my friends in the penguin pool at London Zoo.  At least they’re loving this weather.

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Londoners Are Wimps About Shopping!

This morning I needed a few things at Waitrose, so I did what C and I used to do in Suffolk.  I went to the store at the Angel early about an hour after it opened. It was very uncrowded.  In Suffolk, half the population would have been there, as they all generally getup early.

But obviously they don’t in London.  Coming back, the bus had about five passengers.

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