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I’m Not Dreaming Of A Wet Christmas

I took these pictures yesterday, close to my house.

I have a feeling that a Wet Chistmas, is what we’ll get in London.

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My Christmas Wrapping

I don’t use traditional paper, which because of all the glitter goes into landfill.

I use these coloured cotton bags from Clever Baggers, which are very reasonably priced.

I hope most get reused.

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An Oasis In A Gluten-Free Desert

I took this picture, this morning in Mark’s and Spencer’s cafe in Ipswich.

It was the only place, I could find a gluten-free breakfast in the town.

Note that Christmas must be coming, as it’s a turkey feast sandwich.

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I Don’t Wrap Christmas Presents Traditionally!

I don’t give many presents, as I only have three relatives, who I’m in contact with.

These are the presents all lined up on Christmas Day, before taking them to Christmas lunch!

The drawstring bags are bought on-line from The Clever Baggers.

The larger pink ones are just £0.72, which is probably cheaper than traditional wrapping paper.

Putting the presents into a bag and pulling the string is probably a lot easier, especially if you have a gammy hand, as I sometimes do!

They would also be ideal in a family with lots of children, as each could have their own colour.

As I nearly ran out of bags this Christmas, I have just placed an order to replenish my stock.

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Christmas Card Messages

I received a card with a stylised dove of peace on the front. Underneath were the words.

All is Calm

Inside the sender had added.

The makers of this card clearly hadn’t heard about Brexit!

You wouldn’t want to send it to a friend or relative in France either!

There are some very inappropriate cards in shops.


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My Christmas Presents To My Son And His Partner

They usually like me to give them gift vouchers, for somewhere like Liberty or Selfridges, so they can choose something for themselves or their home, which has just be renovated.

To complicate matters my son’s partner is Korean, so I couldn’t be over-the-top in a way only the English would understand.

The frames were simple ones from John Lewis and the translation was courtesy of Google’s English to Korean translator.

It was totally correct. Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?

Who would have thought that this idiot, who had trouble getting O levels in French and English, would be able to get a translation into Korean right?

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Merry Christmas From Chiltern Trains

I photographed this at Marylebone.

Merry Christmas From Chiltern Trains

Merry Christmas From Chiltern Trains

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this before as the Class 165 trains were built twenty years ago and have been refurbished since.

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Is This The World’s Most Annoying Christmas Present?

A guy on the radio, has just claimed he had a Match of the Day mug for Christmas.

That bit is fine.

But every time he picks it up to drink, the mug plays the theme tune.

Now that is a superb way to annoy someone!

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My Second Worst Christmas Ever!

This has been my second worst Christmas ever! Except for Christmas lunch with my son, his partner and a few friends, it has been an unmitigated disaster.

I’ve frozen stiff, as my house has fought back against the plumber, who has gamely tried to fix the killer central heating system.

One of my pleasures at Christmas is going to see Ipswich play and the fixture list and the trains conspired to make that impossible. My attempts at finding a lift were a futile waste of time. I think, I should have developed a Plan B, where I skipped Christmas lunch and found a good hotel near Doncaster, from where I could have got a taxi to the match.  But then knowing my luck, it would have been flooded out.

Incidentally, I’ve not bought my ticket for the trains to Bournemouth for Sunday, as the day I do, something will come about to stop that!

Next Christmas, I won’t be here at Christmas! Perhaps, I’ll just hit a policeman on Christmas Eve, so I’m inside for a day or so. At least, I’d have some new friends to talk to.

On the other hand there must be hotels that specialise in miserable Christmases. I could always try a cruise, as from past experience, I know they’re pretty grim.

My worst Christmas wasn’t 2007 when C died just before. I helped out at the Old Peoples’ Christmas Lunch and I seem to remember there was plenty of football to watch amongst friends.

The worst one had actually been a few years before, when our eldest son and his wife, went off skiing and left C and myself to look after about a dozen horses.  And it snowed! I’m not in contact with them any more, as she feels that husbands should have no contact with their former families. That was a Christmas to truly forget.  But as we did, C and myself, laughed it off. I do hope my son and his wife are flooded out this Christmas and have their worst Christmas ever. I know that’s uncharitable, but they deserve nothing better.

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Can This Christmas Get Any Worse?

Yesterday’s lunch with my son and his friends went well, but I had to come home, as I wasn’t feeling well! Nothing serious and I suspect it was just the effect of the cold dry weather, affecting my gut. I don’t think I ate any gluten, but it was as if I had. So it was alone and back to watching old Two Ronnies and Morecambe and Wise on BBC2.

To make matters worse, when I returned home, I did find that I’d left a window open, when I went out.  The house had a temperature of eighteen. At least, the open window only let the cold in.

At least, I was able to use the air conditioning to take the chill off of the temperature.  But of course, the humidifier I’d hired in to get the humidity up had failed.  Although, I’m doubtful it was ever working properly.

Why does she hate me so much? You can understand, why I feel that religion and God, herself, is so much rubbish.

I went to bed at about ten last night, as bed was the one warm place in the house.  The temperature was about 20 °C with a humidity somewhere in the low thirties.

I slept well as I always do and decided to get up at five, as I was fully awake. I thought there might be some good news on the cricket and with the air-conditioning  on, I might get the temperature up to twenty-three or so.

But of course, the news from Melbourne was its usual load of old rubbish.

And then the letter R on my e-mail computer packed up. Try typing anything sensible without that letter.  It could have been worse, as the E might have failed. So now, I’m using my other computer, which is not as easy for my one-handed typing. It also doesn’t run my preferred Windows Vista.

At six-thirty, I decided to have a hot bath. That was good, but the bathroom is stone cold, as the heating isn’t really working.

In an hour or so, I’m going to get my paper and see if I can find a nice warm cafe. Sadly, there isn’t a hotel near me with a restaurant I can trust.  Carluccio’s don’t open until eleven.

At least though, I’ve got plenty of porridge and some bacon, eggs and beans for a fry-up.  I’d love to have some sausages, but they’re all in my freezer. But would they freeze out before next weekend, if I got them out now? The nearest supplier is one of two Sainsbury stores, which open at ten. I’ll need to go to one, as I’m virtually out of gluten-free bread.

I still intend to get to Doncaster, and as I write this, I haven’t got a lift. I did think there’d be someone in the area going north with a space, so I didn’t make alternative provisions.  This would have been to book a place on the coach from Newmarket.  I can get there by taking a train to Stansted and then using a taxi.  But it is now too late to book the coach.

So if I do go, it’ll be a 113 bus to Apex Corner and then hitching up the A1.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and the return to some degree of normality.

Next winter, I’ll book myself into a five-star hotel on Christmas Eve. Then when it all goes pear-shaped, I’ll at least ruin the Christmas of a lot of other people.

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