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Lights, Fun, Action At Kings Cross

I heard of this art installation in the Standard, so I went to Kings Cross station to have a look.

It’s certainly fun! It’s part of the arts program at Kings Cross and is called Identified Flying Object.  This page gives more details.

It should win an award for the most innovative use of LED ropelights.

However, I do feel there is a case for someone to be on the swing in the middle covered in a few more ropelights or perhaps some photo-luminescent paint.

The possibilities are endless!

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Snippets From 1862

I’ve just bought a reprint of Bradshaw’s Illustrated Hand Book to London, which was originally published in 1862.

It was bought in Waterstone’s in Islington, as a present for a friend’s birthday, but I spent most of my lunch in Carluccio’s round the corner reading it.  It is full of interesting information and some very surprising differences and facts.

1. Nelson’s Column is known as The Nelson Column.

2. The Houses of Parliament is known as the New Houses of Parliament, as it has just been built.

3. The Crystal Palace gets a lot of pages.

4. There is a lot of description of places anyone familiar with London would recognise.

5. Under rules for railway travellers, it says that passengers are forbidden to smoke on trains or in stations.  But obviously, it was acceptable for the engines to do this!

6.They also have a table of money of all nations. As Germany wasn’t yet united, they have separate rates for Hamburg, Prussia and the German States. The Swiss rate is given against one of their coins, which was a thirty-two franc.

More details on the book are given here.

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A Disastrous Year

Not my words, but those of the the Chief Executive of the Co-Operative Group, Richard Pennycock, as reported on the BBC after the groups £2.5billion loss. He went on to add this.

These results should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who doubts just how serious the challenges we face are.

“The scale of this disaster will rightly shock our members, our customers and our colleagues,

The Co-Operative Group of 2015, will be a totally different organisation to what it is now! If it still exists! \which I seriously doubt!

There is one truism in any business that always applies. Unless you are totally professional in all things, then your venture will not succeed, as those that stick to professional principles will put you out of business.

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Not Long Now For The New Pudding Mill Lane Station

The Wharf is reporting that the Stratford top Bow Church section of the DLR will be closed over the weekend.

The DLR has is not running between Stratford and Bow Church from Friday 18 April until Friday 25 April due to Crossrail works at Pudding Mill Lane.

The completion next week will see the opening of the new Puddling Mill Lane station, 100metres from the original.

So it looks like it won’t be long before access to the Olympic Park, the Greenway and the ViewTube is a lot easier.

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