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Are There Any Sensible Places For New Stations On The Overground?

This is just a list of possible Overground stations that have been tslked about.

Maiden Lane on the North London Line

With so much money being spent in this area on property development to say Never about this station would not be a safe bet. I once researched and proposed a walking route that connected Kings Cross, St. Pancras and Euston. If this was operated by electric people movers and included a connection to Maiden Lane, it might just be made to work.

But it will be all those offices at Kings Cross Central between Kings Cross/St. Pancras and the North London Line, that will decide if Maiden Lane station is reopened.

North Acton on the North London Line

No one thinks this is that likely, but it does link the Central Line to the Overground, in an area where a lot of development is happening. If the Goblin Extension to Hounslow is scheduled, this station might become more likely.

Earls Court on the West London Line

Nothing is planned here yet, but read this post on London Reconnections. A large amount of residential and other development is to be built over the West London Line at Earls Court. The railway line will be enclosed in a concrete box. This sounds very similar to Crossrail at Woolwich, where a station is being built under a massive development.

There must be very good reasons for not doing the same thing at Earls Court!

Brixton on the South London Line

There has been a lot of pressure for a connection at Brixton to the Victoria Line.  But if you look at this post, you’ll see why it will probably never happen.

East Brixton on the South London Line

East Brixton is probably a better option than Brixton and the proposal is discussed here.

Camberwell on the South London Line

I have assumed this to be at Loughborough Junction and I’ve discussed it here.But it could be at East Brixton. The developments around the station will probably decide what station gets built.

Surrey Canal Road on the South London Line

When the new South London Line was created and opened in 2012, provision was made for the building of this station. According to this article in Wikipedia, it now looks that a start could be made on the station in the near future with a possible opening date of 2015.

It would appear that Transport for London got their planning right with this station. When the money became available, the building of the  station was able to proceed.

Gospel Oak to Barking

There are various plans listed here.

Summing Up

I think we might see some of these plans come to fruition.

Surrey Canal Road should be a model for the creation of new stations on the Overground.


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