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How Does Switching On My LED Lights Warm The Room?

At about 17:30 with the lights off in my living room the temperature was 25.5°C with a humidity of 41%. I switched on the LED lights and by 19:00 the temperature has risen to 25.8°C with a humidity of 42%.

I thought it might have been some external factor, like the weather.

So I then switched the lights off and now the temperature has dropped to 25.3°C with a humidity of 42%.

I suspect Jerry used drivers that are little better than radiant heaters.

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Are There Any Sensible Places For New Stations On The Overground?

This is just a list of possible Overground stations that have been tslked about.

Maiden Lane on the North London Line

With so much money being spent in this area on property development to say Never about this station would not be a safe bet. I once researched and proposed a walking route that connected Kings Cross, St. Pancras and Euston. If this was operated by electric people movers and included a connection to Maiden Lane, it might just be made to work.

But it will be all those offices at Kings Cross Central between Kings Cross/St. Pancras and the North London Line, that will decide if Maiden Lane station is reopened.

North Acton on the North London Line

No one thinks this is that likely, but it does link the Central Line to the Overground, in an area where a lot of development is happening. If the Goblin Extension to Hounslow is scheduled, this station might become more likely.

Earls Court on the West London Line

Nothing is planned here yet, but read this post on London Reconnections. A large amount of residential and other development is to be built over the West London Line at Earls Court. The railway line will be enclosed in a concrete box. This sounds very similar to Crossrail at Woolwich, where a station is being built under a massive development.

There must be very good reasons for not doing the same thing at Earls Court!

Brixton on the South London Line

There has been a lot of pressure for a connection at Brixton to the Victoria Line.  But if you look at this post, you’ll see why it will probably never happen.

East Brixton on the South London Line

East Brixton is probably a better option than Brixton and the proposal is discussed here.

Camberwell on the South London Line

I have assumed this to be at Loughborough Junction and I’ve discussed it here.But it could be at East Brixton. The developments around the station will probably decide what station gets built.

Surrey Canal Road on the South London Line

When the new South London Line was created and opened in 2012, provision was made for the building of this station. According to this article in Wikipedia, it now looks that a start could be made on the station in the near future with a possible opening date of 2015.

It would appear that Transport for London got their planning right with this station. When the money became available, the building of the  station was able to proceed.

Gospel Oak to Barking

There are various plans listed here.

Summing Up

I think we might see some of these plans come to fruition.

Surrey Canal Road should be a model for the creation of new stations on the Overground.


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Around Loughborough Junction Station

I took these pictures close to Loughborough Junction station.

They show the triangle of lines that make up the junction and some of the buildings in the area. In An Overground Station For Camberwell, For pictures from the station see this post.

I quoted the 2050 Transport Plan as saying this.

e.g. at Camberwell, that can plug connectivity gaps and act as development nodes.

Surely there is a connectivity gap between the London Overground and Thameslink, but the Luftwaffe didn’t do anything creative to help with clearing the site for the development node, the area needs.


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Lunch In Vozar’s In Brixton

I went for lunch today to Vozar’s in Brixton, which is a gluten-free restaurant, that also sells Celia lager.

Note that I took the last pictures as I walked back to Brixton Underground station after the excellent lunch.

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Match One: Ipswich 2 – Fulham 1

It was a result, I hadn’t expected as I walked to Portman Road from Ipswich Station.

Ipswich Town is one of the better placed grounds with respect to transport and also access to the town centre. There are also maps, but as you can see the stadium from the train station, you don’t need to consult them.

The only problem I had, was that the club had run out of programmes.

The club must have been pleased with the result and also with the size of the crowd considering, the match was on Sky. It’ll be interesting to see, if the performance has any effect on the gates at home matches after the next, which is Norwich, so it will be a full crowd.

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A Quote From Baroness Trumpington

She has just said this on the BBC.

If you don’t have a bit of guts, you’re not going to get far in life!

Long may she continue to be so forthright.

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Getting Rid Of Useless Foreign Currency

I travel a lot and the small change from my Icelandic holiday is annoying me, as is the monetary detritus from trips to Poland and Scandinavia.

So I have now collected it together, with all the Eurotrash with a value of less than a euro. The total weight is just under half a kilo.

But what to do with it? I searched and found this page, which has a lot of good ways to give it to charity.

I have the money, now I’ll make my choice!

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Is Drug Packaging Distinctive Enough?

I take quiet a few medicinal drugs. Every day, I test my INR and then put the drugs for the next twenty-four hours in an old black 35 mm. film canister, which fits neatly into the bag I generally carry or a pocket of my coat.

When I go away for a few days, I put the required drugs plus a few for luck, in a white film container, which I then transfer to the black one every morning.

Look at these two pictures of two strips of drugs.

One is Spirolactone and the other is 1 mg. Warfarin. When I went to Glasgow because I was in a hurry, I took two Warfarin instead of two Spirolactone. It didn’t matter in this case, but for others similar mistakes could be more serious. A contributory factor in this mistake, was that Boots have started to give me a differently packaged brand of the Warfarin.

The top side of the drug packaging should be distinctive. I think too, that the old brand of Warfarin had the writing on the back in the same colour as the drug. i.e. brown in this case. The new one is just an anonymous black.

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Funding Circle Does Underground Adverts

The three big peer-to-peer lenders; Funding Circle, Ratesetter and Zopa, tend to rely on newspaper and magazine articles, and personal recommendations to spread their message.

So I was surprised to see this advert for Funding Circle on the Underground.

Funding Circle Does Underground Adverts

Funding Circle Does Underground Adverts

I don’t think occasional Underground adverts have the kiss of death that is associated with covering large numbers of buses with advertising. Could their bus advertising have anything to do with the falling reputation of Wonga. Or as with films, does blanket advertising of a product, show up the real turkeys?

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Wars Of Religion

This was the big headline in The Times on Friday. It does sum up the mess involving Muslims in the Middle East in particular. Admittedly, with a little bit of help from their bogeymen; the Israelis.

A commentator yesterday on the BBC who had a military background, said that what is going on between the two main factions of  in Islam, is akin to what when on between Catholics and Protestants in Europe in the Thirty Years War. Wikipedia describes that war like this.

The Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648) was a series of wars principally fought in Central Europe (primarily present-day Germany), involving most of the European countries. It was one of the most destructive conflicts in European history, and one of the longest continuous wars in modern history.

The commentator said, that it is conceivable that the two factions is Islam, will bring on a similar conflict.

We must do our best to not be drawn into this stupid conflict. To air drop food and water to refugees is one thing, but to favour one side or the other is a complete no-no.

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