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Dinner In The Gherkin

I went to a dinner last night at the top of the Gherkin, that was organised by an event club to which I belong.

The dinner itself was pretty good and the views were superb.

The View From The Gherkin At  Night

The View From The Gherkin At Night

But the club has been recently taken over and the new organiser was showing all the skills that Ed Miliband has shown with the Scottish Labour Party.

I doubt I shall be going to any of their events again.

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The Gherkin At Night

I’ve never been close to the Gherkin in the dark. I took these pictures.

We need more innovative designs like this, rather than the dreaded Shard.

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Match Fourteen – Ipswich 2 – Huddersfield 2

Ipswich carried on here just like they did against Blackburn and Cardiff.

As we did in those two matches, we threw away a good start and were in some ways lucky to get a point.

There were two plus points to the match though. It was played in glorious sunshine for a lot of the time.

Portman Road In The October Sun

Portman Road In The October Sun

And there was two black managers on the benches.

Chris Powell, Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor

Chris Powell, Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor

I saw Mick McCarthy greet his old friend and member of the hard-done Managers Club, Chris Powell, extremely warmly.

Those who don’t want to give black managers a chance or at least an interview are dinosaurs.


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Navigating The Docklands Light Railway

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) or Topsy to her friends is one of London’s transport success stories, although in it’s early days a Glaswegian once called it a Disney railway. Why? “Because it disney work!”

Since its opening in the 1980s, Topsy has grown from a simple system with single-coach trains serving just fifteen stations, into the transport system that was one of the real stars of the Olympics in 2012. According to a Senior Manager at Transport for London, I met on the DLR, ridership during the Olympics on the system, outperformed all their expectations. And the system coped!

Topsy has developed a character of her own and is a friendly transport option in the area of London, East of the City to Stratford, Woolwich and Lewisham. The DLR is on the Tube Map, but it also has its own welcoming map on the platforms.

DLR Map At Shadwell Station

DLR Map At Shadwell Station

It could be a bit confusing to visitors, as I had to show a Frenchman how to hop to Canary Wharf, but generally it works.

The Cardiff Valley Lines, which although they are heavy rail has a surprisingly similar layout, so perhaps they should create a similar map to help visitors.

But whatever happens, long may Topsy continue to grow!

I doubt that the line will get to Dagenham Dock, although the area could be better connected to Stratford and Crossrail.

But I do think, the system could reach to Euston and St. Pancras or expand southwards from Lewisham.

Whatever happens London’s transport system will get overloaded and just as they have done a few times in the past, they’ll call again on Topsy!




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The Night Tube

Transport for London have announced that the Tube will start to run overnight on Fridays and Saturdays from September 2015.

This won’t affect me much directly in Dalston, as my primary method of late night transport at night is either one of the all night buses; 38, 73, 141 and 277, or a taxi.

However, as some of the trains will be running to some of the deeper reaches of the Northern, Piccadilly, Central and Jubilee lines, it could prove useful in the future.

I suspect, it’ll all go pretty well, if my experience of the night bus to Victoria is anything to go by.

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