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FA Cup Match Two – Ipswich 0 – Southampton 1

Every year these days, Ipswich never seem to get past the Third Round.

And this year was no exception!

I agree with Mick McCarthy’s comments.

I’m always disappointed when I lose but I thought the game was a damp squib. We were OK until they scored and then they killed the game.

At least because there was no extra time, I did get home easily, if very slowly.

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Transport for London Get The Cleaners, Painters And Engineers Ready For The Shenfield Metro

There is an article in the Brentwood Gazette, entitled Shenfield to London slow trains to get refresh before end of year, which illustrates how Transport for London aim to hit the ground running, when they take over the Shenfield Metro services in May this year.

1. The Class 315 trains will be refreshed. I took these pictures.

I think that TfL could spend billions on these trains and they wouldn’t be that much better, as in their current state, they do the job they were built for of moving people in and out of London, reliably and with enough comfort for those with seats. So fixing the seat covers, perhaps getting rid of the awful pink colour and asking Aggie and her ilk to give them a good clean, and they’ll last until the Class 345 trains arrive.

2. Staff will be on duty when trains are running.

3. The stations will be fully integrated into TfL’s information and brought up to their standards.

I wonder if their other big acquisition in May;the Lea Valley Line services will get the same treatment.


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The Shape Of Things To Come

I visited the newly-reopened Tottenham Court Road station and took these pictures.

The pictures were taken in sequence. I arrived on a Northern Line train from Embankment, took the steps and long escalators to the enormous ticket hall, where I got sanother escalator to the station entrance, where you are delivered at pavement level. I then left on a 10 bus, from where I took the last pictures.

Obviously, there is still work to do, but you have to remember that this is perhaps a third of the station that will have been created by when Crossrail opens. The Central Line will be connected again, an entrance will be positioned by Centre Point and a new large entrance to the west in Dean Street is being built.

This Google Earth image shows the area around Soho Square.

The Soho Square Area

The Soho Square Area

Tottenham Court Road station and the iconic Centre Point at the top right corner and Dean Street to the left or west.

Note the distance between the two entrances, which emphasises how long the platforms are to accommodate two hundred metre long trains, that call at two hundred and sixty metre long platforms. Crossrail describes their new station with these points.

  1. 24 trains per hour service at peak times in each direction
  2. 260m – length of platform tunnels
  3. 25m – platform depth
  4. 102,000 passengers are estimated to use Crossrail station each day
  5. 40 utilities diverted in and around Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street
  6. 500,000 square feet of premium retail, office and residential accommodation created at eastern end of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road
  7. £1bn – total investment to build Crossrail station and upgrade capacity of existing Tube station

It is a massive project in its own right and will totally reform the area.

This new tube station is just the first manifestation. The first benefit other than better exit and exit to the Underground, will probably be lots of walking short cuts on the area, when it is busy or raining hard.


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The Overground And Its Class 378 Trains Turn Up In A Computer Game

My Google Alert picked up this article onPCGames, entitled Train Simulator 2015: hands on with the London Overground train.

It’a well-written article and worth reading.

But I won’t be investing in the game, as I’ve never played a computer game and probably never will.

I certainly wouldn’t play this game, as it seems to be South London-based and doesn’t simulate the iconic East London Line, with the historic Thames Tunnel.

If I want to experience a Class 378 train and the East London Line, all I need to do is walk to Dalston Junction station and take any southbound train.

And with my Freedom Pass, it’s all free! Although the excellent cafes in Dalston aren’t!


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