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The Overground And Its Class 378 Trains Turn Up In A Computer Game

My Google Alert picked up this article onPCGames, entitled Train Simulator 2015: hands on with the London Overground train.

It’a well-written article and worth reading.

But I won’t be investing in the game, as I’ve never played a computer game and probably never will.

I certainly wouldn’t play this game, as it seems to be South London-based and doesn’t simulate the iconic East London Line, with the historic Thames Tunnel.

If I want to experience a Class 378 train and the East London Line, all I need to do is walk to Dalston Junction station and take any southbound train.

And with my Freedom Pass, it’s all free! Although the excellent cafes in Dalston aren’t!


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The Bus Games People Play

The behaviour of most people on London’s buses is generally immaculate, but it is sometimes treated like a serious game.

Obviously, kids like to travel in the front seats on the top. But so do adults and people generally move about to get the best seats as they become available. Perhaps, we all never grow up. Unless of course, we’re someone like Gordon Brown or Angela Merkel.

And then there’s how you choose, who you sit next to! It’s not just men, who like to sit next to nice-looking ladies and I can’t deny it doesn’t happen.  But today, an elderly lady deliberately moved over so that I sat next to her, so she could have a chat.  Most of the other passengers at the time were in their twenties at their eldest. In some ways, it’s only being friendly and no-one bothers.

And then there’s the game of judging what is the best time to descend from the top deck, just before you get off, as obviously walking down into an empty lobby is easiest. This game will get even more fun on a New Bus for London, as you have two staircases.

The New Bus for London also allows you to get on and off at convenient places, so this is yet another game, which at some time will come under the realm of the Health and Safety Police.  But until then, let’s enjoy it.

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Interesting Comments On North Korea

Some wag has posted this as a comment to this article on The Times website.

What next? Simple. Send an X Box, PS3 and Iphone 4 to the young Kim with all the games available. Like any other Korean kid he will get addicted and leave the North Koreans alone. £2000 well spent.

He’d obviously need to be supplied with a decent broadband connection, but the South has some of the best in the world and I’m sure they could find a solution.

And here’s another one.

” I told you I was Kim Jong Il.”

(Apologies to the late, great Spike Milligan.)

There are lots more.


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Computer Games For Stroke Rehabilitation

Researchers at the University of Ulster have been carrying out trials of specially designed computer games to help rehabilitate stroke sufferers. 

Ulster’s School of Computing and Information Engineering in Coleraine has collaborated on the project with fellow researchers at the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Institute at the Jordanstown campus. 

The Games for Rehabilitation project, which has been funded by the Department of Employment and Learning over three years, focuses on rehabilitation of the upper limbs and involves the player using their hands and arms to touch targets which move around the screen.  

Read the full article here.

I can see the point, but I’ve never been someone for computer games.  On the other hand, I’ve had some good physiotherapy in both Hong Kong and Addenbrookes.  The stuff that I liked had an element of play in it. Especially, when you were playing with an attractive twenty-year-old or so ypung Chinese woman. Addenbrookes were also using a Nintendo Wii.

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