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A Quick Exploration In Mulhouse

On the way from Basel to Strasbourg, I stopped off at Mulhouse to have a look at the city and ride its tram-trains.

The line is a good bit short of its planned length and rather infrequent at the moment, but compared to the two German systems in Karlsruhe and Kassel, it is a step up in design quality.

I should also say, I was impressed with both Mulhouse and its trams and tram-trains.

There was a lot of information maps everywhere and this was an order of magnitude better than anything I’d seen in Germany.

The Germans could do a lot worse than hop over the border with a camera and pinch the designs used in Mulhouse.

I particularly liked the red finger on the finger post, which always pointed to the historic city centre. So simple, I wonder why I’ve not seen it before!

If you look at the proposal for the extension of the Sheffield Supertram to Rotherham using a tram-train, it has similarities to the system in Mulhouse.

The Siemens S70/Avanto tram-trains used in Mulhouse are dual voltage capable of running on 750 V DC or 25kV AC. The Class 399 Sheffield tram-trains which are being made by Vossloh are said to have a similar capability. You could argue that being able to run on both these voltages is akin to the dual-voltage Class 378 which run on both voltages. The Class 378 halts for the changeover at places like Acton, but surely modern electric systems can be designed that handle the changeover between voltages automatically.

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