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Does Milband Want To Alienate Voters?

Ed Miliband today launched the Labour party’s manifesto in Manchester.

Knowing Liverpool as I do, I can imagine some of the chat in the pubs in that city. And probably in other cities like Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle. And certainly, London!

Certainly, this Londoner feels it was not a good idea to launch in Manchester and perhaps the only worse place would be Scotland.

I think that the only policy you’d launch in Manchester would be one that is specific to the area. Surely, that way if you launched specific policies all over the country, you’d get the most good coverage.

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Van Sales Are Rising!

I had a shipment today from IKEA and it was delivered in a new truck efficiently at the time they said it would come.

The growth in on-line purchases is according to this article on the BBC responsible for a rise in truck and van sales.

So are we spending more and boosting jobs in retail and logistics businesses? The BBC article says this!

Online sales in the UK hit £103bn last year, according to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, creating a booming market for home delivery of orders.

The figure is expected to rise by 12% in 2015 to about £1 in every £4 spent by Britons.

Could this rise in online sales be attributed in part to much better on-line systems and more confidence on the part of purchasers that on-line systems work?

I think it is and if so this will have other effects.

I processed a complex order on-line with IKEA, but why can’t I deal the same way with the NHS on simple repeat prescriptions and appointments?

In a few years time, citizens will want to deal with all health and government business on-line.

We’re getting there in parts, but when we’ve got all simple processes on-line we’ll see a large improvement in service and hopefully a reduction in costs.

It all adds up to another factor, that will ensure whoever wins the 2015 election will have a head-start to winning the next.

Whoever loses this election, will really be a loser for all time! Unless the Luddites make a late comeback!

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Clocks In Stereo

I took this picture early one morning.

Clocks In Stereo

Clocks In Stereo

They do seem pretty much in agreement!

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Work On The Hackney/Downs/Central Link Has Started

The long-awaited pedestrian link between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central stations seems to be arriving on the eastbound Platform 2 at Central.

That could be a bit surprising, as I thought it was arriving on the westbound Platform 1.

This page on London Reconnections has this diagram.

Hackney Downs Central Link

Hackney Downs Central Link

Note that the link goes to Platform 1, whereas it now goes to Platform 2.

I can’t find anything on the usual web sites, but this page on the contractor; Spencer Rail’s web site, says this.

An earlier proposal had to be abandoned because it would interfere with Network Rail signalling equipment. The latest plan avoids this problem by building the interchange on the northern side of the track.

I think for some passengers this will be better. It will probably only make a difference to me, if I’m coming from my son’s in Walthamstow and need to pick up some supper in Marks and Spencer.

On the other hand the link may connect the stations in the dry, but some transfers will mean going up and down the stairs at Hackney Downs, which is a station that is in desperate need of lifts.


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