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The Electorate Has Changed

Rod Liddle, in a piece in The Sunday Times yesterday started like this.

The British public are not stupid, then. Everybody else, however, is. The politicians, pundits, commentators, psephoologists, me.

He then gives a series of tales of those who got it wrong.

But I think, on the whole the public have thought that the coalition had done a good job in sorting out the mess. So many people, who I would have thought sensible, said to me that they’d wanted a box on the ballot paper for the coalition. Simplistic maybe, but it shows the inherent conservatism (small c) of much of the British public.

The electorate has changed with each generation since mine, being more likely to get a good education and/or go to University. And at University they learn more than their subject. So we’ve probably got the most politically-educated population ever! They also understand about business and economics.

It is also likely that perhaps ninety percent of people in this country, has a close relative, who is well-educated.

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive expansion of the self-employed and ideas, and especially ideas disruptive of large monolithic business have proliferated. How many of the children of the so-called working class, are using their brains to earn money, even if as yet it’s not enough?

But many of this educated generation are ambitious and aspire to be rich.

Much of the offerings from politicians didn’t really stand up, but persuasive arguments from nationalists and little-Englanders appealed to some.

But many people looked at the candidates on offer and then voted with their brains rather than their breeding.

I wonder how many life-long Labour supporters, looked at Miliband’s London-centric left-leaning offering, decided it wasn’t for them and voted for someone else.

MacMillan, Wilson, Thatcher and Blair won elections because they gave the people hope that they would have a better life and might even end up well-off by their own efforts.

Miliband’s message to the aspirational for example, was that if you make a fortune by inventing a better mouse-trap, we’ll tax you to the hilt and steal your pension. Well, not quite like that, but he didn’t promise anything worth working hard for.

And to cast everything in stone, was the sort of thing that we might have done at University in the 1960s, to have a laugh in Rag Week.

No wonder Labour lost!


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