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The Development Of White Hart Lane Stadium And Station

This report in Construction News is entitled Mace selected as construction partner on £400m Spurs stadium job.

The report talks about the next major milestone, being the decision of Haringey Council’s Planning Committee on December the 8th.

Let’s hope that this drawn-out saga is at last getting near to the next phase.

This picture taken from the report, shows an architect’s impression of the area after the stadium has been built.

New White Hart Lane Stadium

New White Hart Lane Stadium

The image is from the South and you can see the railway line through White Hart Lane and Bruce Grove stations to the left of the stadium and Tottenham High Road.

It also shows a direct approach from the stadium to the railway line, where it will connect to a new southern entrance to White Hart Lane station.

This Google Map shows the area now.

White Hart Lane Stadium And The Rail Lines

White Hart Lane Stadium And The Rail Lines


  • The site acquired by Tottenham Hotspur around the current stadium is substantial and there is plenty of space to create one of the best stadia in London.
  • White Hart Lane station  is to the West of the stadium site on the Lea Valley Lines on the West side of Tottenham High Road. It is a walk of about two hundred metres from the stadium.
  • Northumberland Park station is to the East of the stadium on another of the Lea Valley Lines. It is a walk of about five to six hundred metres from the stadium.
  • Note the Sainsbury Superstore on the North Side of the already cleared site for the new stadium.

The relationship of the new stadium to White Hart Lane station, is illustrated by this enlarged Google Map of the proposed route between the two.

White Hart Lane Station To Stadium

White Hart Lane Station To Stadium

Note how the platforms of the current station extend to Whitehall Street, so the proposed new Southern entrance to the station, would be on a walking route to the front of the stadium. Plans on the web hint, that a wide high-capacity walking route will be provided between the station and stadium.

As  to the design of the station itself, I found this image on the web.

Proposed Southern Entrance To White Hart Lane Station

Proposed Southern Entrance To White Hart Lane Station

Bruce Castle, which is a magnificent Grade 1 Listed sixteenth century manor house is on the other side of the line , in the extensive Bruce Castle Park.

Bruce Castle Park

Bruce Castle Park

So the design of open arches would link the whole area together.

As I’ve said many times on this blog, all stations should provide a proper entrance into their destination!

It should also be noted, that the current White Hart Lane station has platforms capable of taking the new Class 710 trains of eight or more carriages.  So there should be enough capacity to get passengers to the new stadium by public transport, especially as the other side of the stadium can be walked from the slightly further away, Northumberland Park station, which if plans are carried through could be on Crossrail 2 by 2030.

If Tottenham Hotspur, with the help of Haringey Council and Transport for London, don’t bring all this together to create one of the best stadiums in Europe, then they don’t deserve to be successful.

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Whitechapel Station – Steelwork Against The Sky

I took these pictures of the structures above the East London Line at Whitechapel station, as it is being rebuilt for Crossrail.

I do hope that when the station is completed, that a lot of the roof is clear to let in the natural light.

This image from the Crossrail page for Witechapel station gives hope.


I once wrote Is Whitechapel Station Going To Be The Jewel In The East?

We’ll see in a couple of years!

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