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How To Charge A Battery Train

There is a Twitter hashtag of #ipemu and this tweet has been posted, which describes something called a Railbaar from a well-known Swiss company called Furrer and Frey, who are very much involverd in transport electrification.



This could be the missing link in running IPEMU trains on branch lines, like those to Barrow, Lowestoft, Scarborough or Windermere. After pulling into the terminal, the battery is topped up to make sure the train gets all the way back.

As an example, current schedules at Windermere allow somewhere between six and fifteen minutes for the turnround, which is probably typical around the UK rail network

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More Trains Want To Use Manchester Airport

I have just read this article on Rail Magazine entitled Pressure for Manchester Airport paths.

It is specifically about Arriva Trains Wales, who want to extend their North Wales to Manchester Piccadilly service to Manchester Airport.

But the article also mentions the reorganisation of Northern Trains and TransPennine.

So it does appear that Manchester Airport is on the up and the train companies are aiming to tap into the extra demand!

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I Had To Look Twice!

When I picked up Monday’s copy of The Times, I had to ook twice at the picture on the front.

I Had To Look Twice!

I Had To Look Twice!

I was asking myself, why they put an old picture on the front.

But then, I realised it was the daughter-in-law.

So do men, marry women, who look like their mother?

I didn’t as my mother was dark with brown eyes and C was a blue-eyed blond. But once when I visited her in hospital before we were married, everybody thought I was her brother!


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