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Will Old Oak Common Station And The Wimbledon To Sutton Tramlink Extension Get The Go-Ahead?

This article in Rail Engineer is entitled TfL Budget Confirms Rail Projects. This is said.

The GLA budget, announced in February 2016, included a £250 million fund for two new overground stations at Old Oak Common, linking with Crossrail, national rail and HS2, and £100 million towards a potential extension to the tram network to Sutton.

So will we be seeing a start to the planning for these two projects?

Obviously, nothing will be decided until the new Mayor is elected.

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Wolverhampton Says Go

Wolverhampton station has a few problems in the past.

  • It was short of capacity and a new through platform 4 has been built.
  • It needed to be linked to the buses, and a new bus station has been built nearby.
  • The Midland Metro terminated in the City Centre, not at the station.

This Google Map shows from the station to the current tram stop.

Wolverhampton City Centre

Wolverhampton City Centre

Note the bus station, which is the three pronged building to the South West of the station on the other side of the dual carriageway.

The current tram stop at St. George’s is the blue dot in the bottom left corner of the map.

Today, this article has been published in the Wolverhampton Express and Star, which is entitled Wolverhampton train station’s new look revealed. This is said.

The artist’s impressions were revealed at an international property conference being held in Cannes as part of the council’s presentation showcasing the city’s regeneration successes and future developments.

Work is due to start on the new railway station next year following the extension and refurbishment of the railway station multi-storey car park, which is expected to be completed by Christmas.

The revamp is part of the £120 million Interchange project that will also see a Metro line extension, including a new stop at the station.

So positive things seem to be happening. This is a visualisation.

The Planned Wolverhampton Station

The Planned Wolverhampton Station

Note the tram and the lines in front of the station.

This section in Wikipedia details how the trams will link to the station. This is an extract.

In March 2014, it was announced that the Wolverhampton Extension would go ahead as part of a £2bn connectivity package. The new line would see two new stops built at Piper’s Row and Wolverhampton Railway Station, which will see trams terminate alternately at the Rail station and at the existing St George’s stop.

It’s a pity, that the tram isn’t being extended to Molineux.

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Azuma Has Arrived

This article on Global Rail News is entitled Richard Branson unveils Virgin East Coast’s ‘Azuma’ Class 800/1.

You wouldn’t expect Branson to play second-fiddle to Great Western Railway on new trains.

Azuma means East, so will GWR give them a name that means West in Japanese?

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Crossrail In Docklands

This map from shows the route of Crossrail through Docklands.

Crossrail In Docklands

Crossrail In Docklands

Cossrail is shown in a blue-purple colour and it goes horizonrally across the map.

The Crossrail stations in the area are as follows from West to East.


Whitechapel station is off the map to the west.

I have included it, as it will be Crossrail’s Jewel In The East and the most important interchange for the line in East London.

  • It links both eastern branches of Crossrail to the Metropolitan and District Lines.
  • It provides an interchange to London’s important but sometimes forgotten East London Line.
  • An extended Whitechapel station would provide much better access to the East of the City of London.

But perhaps more importantly, Whitechapel is the reversal station for passengers travelling between one Eastern branch of Crossrail and the other.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf station is Lord Foster’s architectural set piece for the line, which is probably more about showing off, shopping and leisure, than transport.

I have my worries about this station, in that interchange between Crossrail and the Jubilee Line and the DLR, may turn out to be long walks interspersed with a couple of long escalators.

I also think that many passengers for Canary Wharf will prefer to come to the area on the light and airy Docklands Light Railway, rather than on a deep, dark line with no views. Cinderella always comes out on top, as that’s where she belongs.

But then this station wasn’t designed for the needs of normal passengers.

I think that when Trip Advisor and other sites, start to rate Crossrail that this station will not be liked, except by those who live and work in the area.

Custom House

Custom House station is being built primarily to serve the Excel Exhibition Centre and the surrounding area.

But it will also provide a valuable easy connection to the Docklands Light Railway, which is lacking at Canary Wharf


Silvertown station is not planned, but the site has been safeguarded, so that it can be built when required.

I think it will be built in the next few years.

  • It would link Crossrail to the London City Airport.
  • It would give London City Airport a direct connection to Heathrow and a one-change connection to Gatwick.
  • It would link Crossrail to the Southern branches of the DLR.
  • Hopefully connections would be better than at Canary Wharf.

But the building of this station, will be mainly driven by the developments to the south of the Royal Docks.

This is a Google Map of the area, which shows the North and South entrances to the Connaught Tunnel, which takes Crossrail under the Docks.

The Route Of The Connaught Tunnel

The Route Of The Connaught Tunnel

This second Google Map, shows the Southern entrance to the Tunnel in detail.

Silvertown Station Site

Silvertown Station Site

The proposed Silvertown station would be in this area. As to the precise location, I can’t find any information.


Woolwich station is to the east of Docklands on the South bank of the Thames.

It has been built solely to serve the new housing on the Royal Arsenal site and has very poor connectivity with other rail lines.

This is a Google Map of the area.

Woolwich Stations

Woolwich Stations

Note Woolwich Arsenal station and the co-located DLR connection to the South West of the map.

Woolwich station is somewhere underneath the blocks to the North.

There is certainly a need to create a decent walking route in the area.


Looking at these stations, it strikes me that although connectivity between Crossrail and other lines is there, it is not of the best at some stations.

Scoring them out of ten, I would give scores as follows.

  • Whitechapel – 10
  • Canary Wharf – 4
  • Custom House – 8
  • Silvertown – 7
  • Woolwich – 3

Obviously, when the line opens, good design may improve matters.

But I do feel that building Silvertown station would make the whole line a lot better.



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