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Farewell To BT Vision

I have not got rid of BT Vision and if I want to watch football that is shown on BT, I now watch it on Sky.

To say I’m pleased to be rid of BT Vision is an understatement.

  • BT don’t seem to have any logical channel numbering, unlike Sky and Freeview and I could never remember where something would be shown.
  • Often I had to resort to going through the channels one at a time, until I found what I wanted.
  • Sky is logical, as all the Sports channels seem to be together and if I want an event, I can easily find what I want, stating from 405 or so.
  • Regularly, I don’t watch a match, but listen to it on Radio 5. BT has this annoying habit of changing to a screen of programs that I might watch, if I had an IQ of about 12.
  • Sky just gives me information with a useful clock.

Whoever, designed their system should be sent to manage the satellite station on St. Kilda.

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  1. Sometime last year I managed to renegotiate my BT broadband deal to be the same as the Infinity 1 package then offered to new customers (40Gb, 38Mbps, free weekend AND evening calls). BT had promised that one could move to any tariff so offered (without the intro bonus). They also threw in BT Vision. I tried to watch a match with a friend who was an MCFC fan, but the technical quality was VHS when the camera moved. I queried why I was being charged and then refunded £13.50p per month. “That’s just how we do it” was the reply. “So you won’t suddenly start charging me without telling me?” – “Oh no”. Even though I wasn’t using it, less than a year later they started sneaking a £5 charge for BT Vision onto my bill [without telling me]. I didn’t notice the first month, but the next month I did, got a refund, and told them to take BT Vision (some vestigial free service remained apparently) off altogether just in case they were inclined to try the same stunt again.

    Still despite the many aggravations of dealing with BT, of which an almost complete inability to stick to any deal is the most annoying, these pale into insignificance compared to the depredations of $ky.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | April 15, 2016 | Reply

    • I actually had a senior customer support guy on the phone, but my MP is running a campaign to get better broadband in Hackney. He explained the problem and what he said agreed with what the men in the cabinets have told me. Because my house is relatively new, I am directly connected to the exchange and there is no easy way to give me fibre optic broadband without virtually digging up the hundred metres or so between my house and the exchange.

      However, the line is good and provided I don’t want to watch live video, it seems OK now. I do more uploading for the blog in some ways, that downloading and since they did something in the exchange, I’ve not had a problem.

      I’m getting a visit from the engineer, just to see whether there is something they’ve missing.

      Ceretainly, being part of a herd mustered by your MP helps!

      But my real problem with BT Vision was the interface, as I’m allergic to adverts.

      Comment by AnonW | April 15, 2016 | Reply

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