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Gerrards Cross Station

I’d never been to Gerrards Cross before and when a friend suggested I go to see her for lunch, I got on a train.

The journey had been complicated because there had been a complete signal failure at Marylebone, so in the end I took the Central Line to West Ruislip station. Checking the Oracle as I came out from London, I was able to determine, that the odd train was running and I was likely to catch one a couple of minutes after my tube arrived. I did and I arrived in Gerrards Cross station an hour later than I’d planned.

This Google Map shows the station and the local area.

Gerrards Cross

Gerrards Cross

I had a pleasant lunch in Pizza Express with my friend.

Gerrards Cross is certainly not a town, where I would chose to live, but it is one of those rare towns, where you could get together to have a pleasant lunch or conduct a business meeting close to the railway station.

Note that the pictures and the map show how the Tesco supermarket, is built over the railway.

This tunnel collapsed during building and blocked the railway for a few months. Luckily no-one was hurt, but I do think Tesco got a bit of a bruising to their ego.

My view is that we need more schemes like this to reclaim railway land, so we can build over the top. Although, housing, offices and public buildings like hospitals would be preferable to yet another unnecessary Tesco supermarket.

In Could A Chiltern Metro Be Created?, I looked at Chiltern Railways’s plan for a metro service between Marylebone and West Ruislip stations.

In the post, I asked if it would be better if the service was extended past West Ruislip.

At present, Gerrards Cross has an off-peak stopping service of one train per hour into Marylebone.

If the Metro does get created, I’m sure Gerrards Cross could benefit from more stopping services into Marylebone, but as Gerrards Cross is a station with only two tracks, I doubt it would be used as a terminus, as on my trip, trains were going through without stopping every few minutes.

West Ruislip and Beaconsfield stations, which both have two platforms and enough space for four tracks would appear to be better choices for the Western terminus of the Chiltern Metro.

In an ideal world, I would like to see island platforms between the fast and slow lines at the terminus of the Chiltern Metro, so that passengers travelling between stations on the Metro and Chiltern Main Line services.

But I doubt there is sufficient space at any current station for this layout.

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