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Improving Train Services Through Oxford

As the Didcot Parkeay to Oxford electrification is now going to be delayed until the mid-2020s, I thought this article in the Oxford Times offered an interesting solution.

It proposes that Chiltern’s Marylebone to Oxford service goes on to Didcot Parkway.

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Smoking In Claridges

Apparently if you’re a billionaire and want to stay in one of the expensive suites at Claridges, they change the furniture for a set for smokers and back again afterwards.

That has a certain style, but as the story came in an article about an autocratic Chinese businessman in the Business section of The Sunday Times, I doubt I’ll be using, the stores talked about in the article. Smokers should not be indulged.

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Zopa Has A Problem

Zopa have just told me that because of the large amount of money they are getting in and the shortage of good creditworthy individuals to lend it to, they have decided that although existing borrowers like me can continue to reinvest, that for a few months we won’t be able to add new money.

This doesn’t appear to be any problem with Zopa except one of success.

But it does say to me that if you are an individual with a good credit rating, that Zopa could be a place to look for a loan.

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The Gare du Nord Now Has A Good Testaurant

Apparently, it’s called the L’Etoile Du Nord.

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