The Anonymous Widower

Carluccio’s Goes Posh

Not my words, but that of the waiter.


It was a good quick breakfast.

The tea-pot certainly solves the dreaded tea-bag problem.

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Passing The Completed Acton Dive-Under

I took these pictures as I passed the Acton Dive-Under going towards Paddington.

It looks substantially complete.

The dive-under is on the Slow Line into Paddington, soon after Ealing Broadway station.

It was a very clever piece of engineering to create the Acton Dive-Under in the middle of a working railway with trains passing on either side.

I’m certain, there are other places on the UK’s rail network, where a similar technique can be used to sort out places, where two rail lines need to cross each other.

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Shuttling Between Greenford And West Ealing Stations

T took these pictures as my Class 165 train shuttled between Greenford station and the new bay platform at West Ealing station on the Greenford Branch Line.

It seemed to work very well, except for the signalling, which was generally on the blink on the Great Western Main Line, this morning.

I don’t think that GWR had been giving out their information well, about what was happening on the branch.

I met two passengers, who hadn’t heard it was a shuttle and one was surprised that she had to change to get to Paddington.

There was no-one to ask either and another passenger and myself gave the best information we knew or couple find.

The Future Of The Branch

It will be interesting to see what happens to the service on this branch.

This page from AlwaysTouchOut includes this.

The Greenford – Paddington half-hourly branch line service would be cut back to West Ealing to avoid conflicts with Crossrail services; however, to compensate for this, the frequency will be doubled to every 15 minutes with connections to Crossrail trains at West Ealing.

As each trip takes about twelve minutes, one train can do two out-and-back trips in an hour which explains the two  trains per hour (tph) frequency for the shuttle.

To run four tph would require a second train.

  • One train would start at Greenford and the other at West Ealing on the hour, at say XX:00.
  • They would arrive at the other end at XX:12, before returning at XX:15.
  • They would arrive at their start station at XX:27, before returning at XX:30..
  • They would arrive at the other end at XX:42, before returning at XX:45.
  • Finally, the trains would return to their start station at XX:57.

The process would go on all day.

There could be problems with such a service.

  • Freight trains share use of the line and could sufficient paths be created in the timetable?
  • The Class 165 trains are not of a modern design and would need to be updated with wi-fi and poossibly other features.
  • Running longer than two-car trains could need platform lengthening at the intermediate stations.

One plan that has been mentioned on the Internet could be to handover the branch to London Overground, who would use two of their four-car Class 710 trains.


  • They are electric trains, but Bombardier have confirmed to me, that the trains are wired to be fitted with onboard energy storage.
  • So they could charge their storage, whilst waiting in the bay platform at West Ealing station and travel back and forth on stored energy.
  • The Class 710 electric trains would probably be faster than the current Class 165 diesel trains.
  • Four electric tph would be a true Turn-Up-And-Go service and a powerful passenger magnet.
  • They are too long for the platforms at Drayton Green, Castle Bar Park and South Greenford station, but selective door opening could be used.
  • As the trains will be walk-through, passengers would move to an appropriate place to enter and exit the train.

I suspect too, that as Network Rail and Chiltern Railways have plans to use the Acton-Northolt Line to access a second Chiltern terminal at Old Oak Common station, that some innovative uses of the Greenford Branch Line might be suggested.

If two Class 710 trains did work the branch, it would be a doubled frequency and a four-fold increase in hourly capacity.





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The Refurbishment Of Holland Park Tube Station

I stopped off at Holland Park tube station this morning, to take a look at the refurbishment.

The clocks would also seem to have had a makeover.

But there still seems some work to do!

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The Refurbished Tottenham Court Road Tube Station

I took these pictures of the Central Line platforms at Tottenham Court Road tube station.

It does seem to me that it’s wider than it used to be.

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Artemis Lives

I was listening to Wake Up To Money on BBC Radio 5 this morning and they interviewed someone from a company called Artemis Optical.

On their home page, their mission statement is.

Improve Vision: to be the Photonics industry’s most advanced manufacturer.

Their about page, says this.

Owned equally by the executive directors, Artemis, a world renowned company

employs 30+ talented staff, with an enviable history of 60 years in the design and

application of high precision, technically differentiated optical thin film coatings.

It sounds so very familiar.

In the interview, their spokesman disclosed that they banked with Lloyds, as did Metier!

And where did our bank manager come from? Plymouth, where Artemis; the company is based.

Very different industries, but same philosophy, same ambition, same bank and same name!

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