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Business Case Requested For Middlewich Reopening

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Magazine.

The Northwich to Sandbach Line provides a link between Northwich station on the Mid-Cheshire Line and Sandbach station on the Crewe-Manchester Line.

In the Wikipedia entry for the Mid-Cheshire Line, this is said under Reopening The Northwich To Sandbach Line To Passenger Trains.

This would allow a direct train service from places on the line to Crewe, which will should reduce journey times to destinations south of Chester, as well as reducing fares to those destinations. It would also allow the former station at Middlewich to re-open, and the possibility of a new station opening at Rudheath. An independent feasibility report found the Benefit to Cost Ratio for the reopening to be 5:1, which is almost four times higher than the recently reopened Borders railway in Scotland

5:1 sounds like a good financial case.

The Rail Magazine article also has this quote from Chris Grayling.

There are two routes in the North that I feel particularly keen to look at seriously reopening. One is the line from Skipton to Colne, the other is the line that passes through Middlewich that, in my view, should be a commuter railway into Manchester.

There is also the question as to whether the Northwich to Sandbach Line should be electrified.

But at 8.5 miles, I suspect that it will be an ideal line for a battery train, if both of the lines it connects, are electrified.

  • The Crewe-Manchester Line was electrified in 1959.
  • Electrification of the Mid-Cheshire Line has a high priority.

In addition, the Crewe-Chester Line could be electrified to allow Chester to have direct electric trains from London and Manchester.

It was good to see that Chris Grayling also endorsed Skipton to Colne.


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