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A Glorious Sight In Marks And Spencer In Dalston

I get through almost a dozen bottles of Adnams 0.5% alcohol beer in a week

Marks And Spencer in Dalston has both varieties.

As my body says the beers are gluten-free, I am grateful for small mercies.

But then, I’ve been drinking Adnams since I was about fourteen!

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  1. Ah, another fan of Suffolk’s finest! Brings back happy memories of my parents’ place between Woodbridge and Orford, quaffing pints of Broadside and Nut Brown Ale after a walk round Boyton Marshes or over Burrow Hill or across the windswept pebbles of Shingle Street. From the upstairs window we could see the comforting beam of Orfordness lighthouse sweeping across the landing – sadly, a sight not to be repeated as erosion means the structure will have to be demolished. During the daytime we could watch container ships and DFDS’s elegant ferries coming in to Harwich and Felixstowe. The mysterious cat’s cradle entanglements on Orfordness were fascinating, and of course there were the USAF bombers and Jolly Green Giant helicopters flying out of Woodbridge and Bentwaters airbases. Boyton was never, I suspect, a pretty village, but it was the most atmospheric place, with lovely people, all the better for being off the beaten track.

    And on another note, I’m glad some people are working to resurrect the narrow gauge Southwold Railway; I wish them well with that. I can only dream of being able to take the train to the home of the Sole Bay Brewery.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | March 26, 2020 | Reply

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