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Romford Station – 14th September 2020

I took these pictures at Romford station, a couple of weeks ago.


  1. The rebuild isn’t as extensive as at Ilford station.
  2. It appears to be mainly cosmetic and adding step free access.
  3. There would appear to be an ambitious reconstruction next to the station.
  4. The station has a marble entrance hall, which is a bit small, by modern standards.

Romford station must have one of the least spectacular entrances on Crossrail.

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Ilford Station – 14th September 2020

I took these pictures today at Ilford station.


  1. The old station building seems to have been demolished and the main structural steel seems to have been erected.
  2. The Second Entrance was completed a long time ago.
  3. The Third Entrance is not far off completion.
  4. The coffee shop was well worth a visit.

The construction of the new station does seem to be getting there.

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US Man Faces Jail In Thailand Over Hotel Review

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I suggest that before you visit Thailand, you read the article.

After reading, the article, I moved Thailand onto my never visit list, alongside Iran and North Korea.

How can a country have such a stupid legal system?

It’s all rather strange really, as I’ve had nothing but kindness and courtesy from all the Thais I have met.

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New Transmission Technology Is Helping UK Offshore Wind Farms Go Bigger, Farther

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Reve.

It is rather technical, but it describes how the electricity is brought onshore from the 1.4 GW Sofia wind-farm, which is being built 220 kilometres out in the North Sea on the Dogger Bank. where upwards of 5 GW of capacity is proposed.

New lighter equipment is being used to convert the electricity to and from DC to bring it ashore at Lazenby, on Teesside. Note that sub-sea electricity links usually use high-voltage direct current or HVDC, The equipment has been designed and built by GE in Stafford.

It looks like the North East of England will have enough power.

The North Sea Wind Power Hub

The North Sea Wind Power Hub, will lie to the East of the UK capacity on the Dogger Bank  in European territorial waters. This is the introductory paragraph from Wikipedia.

North Sea Wind Power Hub is a proposed energy island complex to be built in the middle of the North Sea as part of a European system for sustainable electricity. One or more “Power Link” artificial islands will be created at the northeast end of the Dogger Bank, a relatively shallow area in the North Sea, just outside the continental shelf of the United Kingdom and near the point where the borders between the territorial waters of Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark come together. Dutch, German, and Danish electrical grid operators are cooperating in this project to help develop a cluster of offshore wind parks with a capacity of several gigawatts, with interconnections to the North Sea countries. Undersea cables will make international trade in electricity possible.

So will the connection to Lazenby, also be used to bring electricity from the North Sea Wind Power Hub to the UK, when we need it? And will electricity from our part of the Dogger Bank be exported to Europe, when they need it?

The North Sea Intranet of electricity is emerging and it could be one of the biggest factors in the decarbonisation of Western Europe.

The technology developed at Stafford, will be needed to support all this zero-carbon electricity.

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