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US Man Faces Jail In Thailand Over Hotel Review

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I suggest that before you visit Thailand, you read the article.

After reading, the article, I moved Thailand onto my never visit list, alongside Iran and North Korea.

How can a country have such a stupid legal system?

It’s all rather strange really, as I’ve had nothing but kindness and courtesy from all the Thais I have met.

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Is Google Burying The Truth?

In this blog, I do occasionally criticise individuals, but my comments are always fair and based on fact, unless it is something like fair comment on a design. As a supporter of the Libel Reform Campaign, and as someone who lived with a barrister for forty years, who did her first pupillage in Libel Chambers, I hope I know the difference between libel and fair comment.

But I am worried by the story of Robert Peston and his reporting of the banking troubles of the last decade, where Google has been asked to remove a story from their searches, he wrote in 2007. It’s all reported here on the BBC web site.

This morning the story is on the front page of The Times, and their report names the individual, who asked to be forgotten.

But they are also saying Google’s action might have backfired, as the story of the forgetting has been retweeted and commented on hundreds of times.

The story has been picked up by numerous newspapers including this story in the Mirror.

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The Leveson Enquiry

What a waste of time and money!  If the law is broken, throw the book at them.

Anyway regulating the newspapers is a waste of time, as everything can be posted on the Internet without checking. And it will be!

Newspapers will just be used to wrap fish and chips.

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Sue The Twits

It is reported on the front page of The Times, that Lord McAlpine is going to sue those who might have defamed him on Twitter. It’s also here in the Telegraph.

If I were him, I’d find the most well-known twit on the list with lots of money and sue just them. It wouldn’t cost me a fortune, but the returns could be high.

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