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Blood Clots In Young German Ladies After AstraZeneca Vaccine

There have been various reports that young ladies in Germany have suffered blood clots after having the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I am coeliac on a long-term gluten-free diet.

The UK, Ireland and Italy are generally fairly good at identifying coeliacs, as they suffer from so many side effects, one of which is strokes.

I had a stroke and a cardiologist thought it could have been because I wasn’t diagnosed until fifty, so my diet damaged my heart muscle causing atrial fibrillation.

My father, who I now believe was coeliac, died of a series of strokes.

I do wonder, if Germany doesn’t look for coeliacs, as they should, partly because it is a Jewish disease in their minds. Certainly finding gluten-free food in Germany can sometimes be difficult.

It should also be noted that the NHS says that there are three times as many coeliacs who are female.


This adds to the circumstantial evidence that coeliac disease is the alligator in the swamp of Covid-19.


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  1. Sorry but you are believing all what the Germans are saying where as most of us are under no illusion that this is again a planned constructive destruction of Astra Zeneca mainly due to it supplying at cost and this would mean that the greedy Euro’s would not make masses of money and try to rule the World with their vaccine. This is just an other example of the EU trying to get back at us and it is very interesting that when we were giving the jags to the over 60’s they said it was dangerous and that failed but now that the UK is giving the Jags to the under 60’s they say is is dangerous to that sector. Boris should stand up and tell them to get their facts right first before making claims and where are the compresence with other drugs ?

    Comment by George Bell | March 31, 2021 | Reply

  2. Canada has now found a possible link between the AZ vaccine and blood clots and has suspended use of the vaccine for the under 55s. Will Canada join the EU in Brexiters’ pantheon of evil?

    Comment by JohnC | March 31, 2021 | Reply

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