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Michael O’Leary On Sustainable Aviation Fuel And Food Prices

This article on Hydrogen Fuel News is entitled Ryanair CEO Predicts Cost Of Hydrogen Fuel Will Spike Food Prices.

Logically, this could happen to foods with a high quantity of food miles, such as peas and beans from Kenya.

But surely we can replace these with products grown in places like the Fens.

But still O’Leary got his name in a news article, which was the purpose.

He doesn’t bother me, as I don’t fly much and there are several airlines, I use in preference to Ryanair.

I also don’t fly in Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, in which O’Leary has made a large investment.

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  1. Usual old self promotion piece by O’Leary without any word of explanation about the reason SAFs could raise prices of food.
    I could tell him one glaringly obvious reason but he’d have to pay me and it has nothing to do with hydrogen and its production.

    Comment by fammorris | October 28, 2021 | Reply

  2. The equator runs through Kenya, so you can pretty much grow anything any time of year. You cannot grow peas and beans in the Fens in the winter! OTOH you can freeze them and ship from Mombasa.

    Airships would seem a much more sensible way to convey perishable produce from equatorial Africa, and for freight they could have an inner hydrogen core that could be burned as fuel (while dropping water ballast) en route.

    As for O’ Leary and Ryan Air, let’s just say I would not fly with them, although Air Inter (defunct in the 1980’s) were probably worse, culminating in an argument where the captain threatened to put me off and I threatened to report him to the DAA, however a diplomatic compromise was reached…

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | October 28, 2021 | Reply

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