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Rolls-Royce And Hydrogen

This page on the Rolls-Royce web site given their view on hydrogen.

This is the first paragraph.

We see an important role for hydrogen in helping to lower emissions; fuelling buses and lorries as well as for energy storage and home heating. Interest in its use in aviation is growing too, especially to power smaller aircraft using fuel cells. Hydrogen has the potential to power larger aircraft as a direct gas turbine engine fuel, and is being investigated with significant technical and operational challenges needing to be overcome.

Good to see the company confirm later in the page, that hydrogen can be used as fuel in a gas-turbine.

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  1. I thought that the Rolls-Royce article was objective.
    As a comparison, GE H2 statistics as of September, 2021 – “inclusive of both heavy-duty and aeroderivative gas turbines” there are 100+ units running, having a cumulative operating time of 8 million hours …”running on hydrogen and similar low BTU fuels”. They’re for generators though.
    It’s not so much a question of hydrogen being a gas turbine fuel, rather it’s the difficulty of adapting a hydrogen fuelled gas turbine to aircraft operations as well as mobile duty cycles. I’m sure they’ll solve the issue of hydrogen gas turbines for aircraft in due course.

    Comment by fammorris | February 15, 2022 | Reply

    • I feel that Rolls-Royce’s 2.5 MW generator based on a Super Hercules engine could have a big market running on hydrogen. I wrote about it here.

      What Does 2.5 MW Look Like?

      Note the picture! One of those and a sizeable hydrogen tank would fit well in a Class 66 or Class 43. They could even use the current transmission and fit a pantograph to the roof of some locomotives.

      I don’t think locomotive operators would object to a RR logo on the side.

      Comment by AnonW | February 15, 2022 | Reply

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