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Armoured Vehicles For Ukraine

I have just listened to extracts of the press conference by Boris and Olaf on the BBC and there was talk of boxers.

Not the Mayor of Kyiv, the admirable Vitali Klitschko, but the German-produced armoured fighting vehicle.

Looking at the Wikipedia entry for the Boxer, it states that up to 1500 Boxers for the British Army will start to be delivered from an updated BAe factory in Telford this year, for entry into service in 2023. So with two factories in Europe and another in Australia, will this allow older armoured vehicles to be passed on to Ukraine?

Australia has already stated they will send the Ukraine twenty of their thousand Bushmasters.

Perhaps we could send Ukraine some Mastiffs.

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  1. It’s a shame so much equipment was left behind in Afghanistan. Here’s a sample of what the Americans didn’t bring back

    As for sending Ukraine some Mastiffs, well OK if they are looking for Personnel Carriers which are mine-resistant (for which they’re pretty effective) and suitable for road patrols and convoys, but if you want something to traverse the Ukrainian muddy season роздоріжжя (rosdorizhzhya) I’d look a bit further.
    I’m really not sure which vehicles we can afford to part with, after all between 1997 and late 2020 (with the exception of a small number of armoured engineering and protected mobility vehicles) the MOD didn’t deliver a single new armoured vehicle from the core procurement program into operational service with the Army.
    I look forward to Johnson’s world-leading statement about this particular contribution following his Kyiv visit.

    Comment by fammorris | April 9, 2022 | Reply

  2. There is no more time left for the UK and Boris to make that decision:

    If YES, the delivery has to happen in April.

    Later would be too late for the crime scene in eastern Ukraine.

    Comment by Wolfgang Maresch | April 9, 2022 | Reply

  3. I tend to agree. I still wish, I was still in contact with a retired general, who was a geographer in the UK Army! About twenty years ago he told me, that East Europe would be a tank’s graveyard. Anti-tank missiles have improved since.

    I do wonder though with good local knowledge, if fast light armour can sneak behind the Russian lines and trash their supposedly poor logistics. Lots of smart drones would help in a plan like this.

    From what I know of history, the Russians were better than this in World War 2.

    Boris obviously flew to Kyiv today or somewhere near it. I would love to know, who he brought with him! Perhaps some serious strategists from the SAS were on the plane. The Ukrainians from what they’ve shown already, could be superb special forces fighters.

    We have to remember that the SAS were right behind the Germans in the 1977 Mogadishu hijack.

    Comment by AnonW | April 9, 2022 | Reply

    • I can’t see Wolfgang Maresch’s call being answered. Unless the authors and supporters of Russian aggression are toppled this war is going to be much longer than we can appreciate. We’re going to make some hard choices, it’s going to affect the UK and our allies.
      As valuable as special forces are, the coordinated efforts of all armed forces and the Intelligence Community are going to be the deciding factor.
      I have to ask the question about Eastern Europe being the tank’s graveyard, surely your General would have said ‘Western Europe’ or the ‘North German Plain’, to say otherwise would imply that NATO was the aggressor?
      Turns out Boris went by train from Rzeszow or at least the nearby Polish border by train to Kyiv. Quite a journey.

      Comment by fammorris | April 10, 2022 | Reply

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