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Is The Paddington Bakerloo Line Link Opening Soon?

I took these pictures on the Bakerloo Line platforms at Paddington station yesterday.


  1. There are new direction signs by the entrance, but they are covered in white plastic.
  2. The lights on the lift were showing sensible messages.
  3. The escalators behind the grill doors were running.
  4. It was only shut off using a barrier and black and yellow tape.
  5. The access between the Northbound Bakerloo Line platform and the escalator lobby, still needed to be opened up.

But it does look to me that this route is getting ready to be used.

In The Crossrail Article That Everyone Must Read, I review this article on Ian Visits, which is entitled A Sneak Preview Of London’s New Elizabeth Line Railway.

In a section, that is entitled The Bakerloo Line Link At Paddington Station, I wrote this.

Ian writes this interesting paragraph.

Something though that was added to Paddington station after the funding was approved was a new direct deep tunnel link from the platforms to the Bakerloo line. London Underground contractors built the link, and Andy Lord suggested that they are considering opening up the link before the Elizabeth line opens fully as it would help with offering step-free access for Bakerloo line customers.

Many people find getting to Paddington difficult, as I do from Dalston.

I typically use some roundabout and slow routes and most end up with arriving at Paddington on the Bakerloo Line.

Opening the link early would have the following effects.

  • It would make things a lot easier for me and probably many other passengers.
  • It would add passengers to London’s least-used Underground line.
  • It would add capacity to the Bakerloo Line station at Paddington.

It would also give a piece of the infrastructure, a good soak testing with real passengers and may flag up some changes that needed to be made to details like signage.

Did Ian call it right?


I think he might have!


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Highview Power Names Rupert Pearce Chief Executive Officer

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on business wire.

This is the first paragraph.

Highview Power, a global leader in providing long duration energy storage and essential grid services, has named Rupert Pearce as its new CEO. In this role, Pearce will leverage his expertise in guiding technology companies through significant transformation and globalisation to position Highview Power as a leader in accelerating the energy transition.

He certainly seems to be type of CEO, that Highview needs to succeed.

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