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York To Church Fenton – 10th August 2022

These pictures show the new electrification between York and Church Fenton.

My train was going towards York.

Half-an-hour later, I went to Manchester via Leeds and took the newly-electrified line.

  • The Class 802 train was on diesel on this section, but it was cruising at 100 mph.
  • One the train had passed Church Fenton station, it appeared to slow noticeably.
  • Today, York and Church Fenton took eight and a half minutes.

It will be interesting to see timings, when the wires are switched on.

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Werrington Dive Under – 10th August 2022

I passed the Werrington Dive Under today and took these pictures.

Note, that it is now more or less buried to the East of the East Coast Main Line.

When the weather gets a bit cooler, I’ll have a look from the footbridge.


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Who Needs A Spoonful Of Sugar?

This article on The Times is entitled Lie Right To Help The Medicine Go Down.

These are the first two paragraphs of the article.

Next time you take an aspirin, try speeding up its effect by lying on your right. But don’t turn over, or you could be waiting a long time for pain relief.

Scientists have modelled the dynamics of the stomach in an attempt to understand how posture can affect drug absorption.

Strangely, I generally lie on my right.

In my life, I have done a lot of mathematically modelling of all sorts of systems.

It has surprised me several times how unexpected the results have been.

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An Advance Single From London To York For £32.90 Bought An Hour Before The Train Left

I went to York and Manchester yesterday.

I had been planning to do this trip for a week or so, but as I have lots of other things to do, I didn’t want to decide on a date.

So on Monday, I went to King’s Cross and investigated how much a London to York single ticket would cost.

I was surprised to find, that if I bought it last minute from a ticket machine with a Senior Railcard, that travelling about eleven in the morning I could get a ticket for £55 on the 11:06, which is a service that terminates at York, but is a few minutes slower.

Everything was clear for a trip yesterday and just after ten, I turned up at King’s Cross.

The machine offered me tickets at £81.90 on the 10:30 and 11:00 services, but I was able to get a ticket for £32.90 on the 11:06.

I was also able to ask for and get a forward-facing window seat with a table.

It looks like LNER are trying to sell as many seats as possible and they have developed, an algorithm that does this.

If I look at buying a ticket for today on the 11:06 on the Internet, I’m offered the following prices.

  • Advance Single – £32.90
  • Super Off-Peak Single – £81.90
  • Anytime Single – £94.35

There is even a First Class Advance Single at £45.90.


It pays to do your research.

It looks like a one-way journey by an electric car would take four hours and cost around £20.

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Should We Follow German Advice On Rural Rail Reopening?

This article on Railway Gazette is entitled Benefits Accrue From Rural Railway Reopenings, Study Finds.

This is the opening paragraph.

Reopening rural railways offers an important spectrum of benefits, according to a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development & Building. These range from positive effects on land use to advantages for local and regional economies, transport, the environment and society.

It is an interesting article, which is very positive about reopening rural railways.

So perhaps we should follow Germany’s advice.

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