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Rolls-Royce And SOWITEC Cooperate On Power-To-X Projects

The title of this post, is the same of that of this press release from Rolls-Royce.

The press release starts with these two bullet points.

  • Target: up to 500 MW electrolysis capacity for power-to-X projects
  • Production of green hydrogen and e-fuels for shipping, aviation, mining, agriculture, data centers

In Rolls-Royce Makes Duisburg Container Terminal Climate Neutral With MTU Hydrogen Technology, I wrote how Rolls-Royce were building a carbon-neutral energy supply for the port.

This Rolls-Royce graphic illustrates the project.

It looks like SOWITEC would be the sort of company to install the decentralised renewables for this project.

Rolls-Royce seem to be collecting the technology to build complex projects like the power supply for the Duisburg Container Terminal, either by acquisition or negotiating friendly links.

But I do think, that Rolls-Royce possibly need two items for a complete portfolio.

A factory with a large capacity to build electrolysers. The press release says they need 500 MW by 2028 or nearly 100 MW per year.

Some form of GWh-sized energy storage. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rolls-Royce do a deal with an energy storage company.


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