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Violence Against Women

The BBC is rightly having a campaign against domestic violence and violence against women in general.

It also appears to me, that women seem to get killed and attacked, a lot more than they did a couple of decades ago.

Is there too much violence against women in TV dramas, so men with small brains think it is acceptable? Surely, it is also wrong to have a TV drama called Killing Eve?

I have only watched a couple of TV dramas or films, in the last couple of years; Some Like It Hot and SAS Rogue Heroes.

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  1. I watch a lot of criminal drama/murder mystery etc and I read novels based on that too. In the more recent ones there is equal-isa amount of female violence against men from women. I personally, many years ago now, was a victim of violence,from a woman. It is good that the BBC are campaigning against violence against women, because if the situations where a woman is repeatedly the victim of violence from a man, the women is usually scared that it will get worse if she does anything,, or even if she fights back. I think women need to understand that there is good help out there and they can be safe. In my case, I was very early 20s when I stood up for myself, -literally I was sat in a chair, and I stood up, turned my abuser around and put them on the chair, gave them a big hard slap on their face, and walked out. She never hit me again.
    I do agree that is to much violence on TV though; There needs to be information about what happens if you git the violent person back.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 1, 2022 | Reply

  2. Spoiler Alert – After 3 series… Eve doesn’t die, she’s a survivor!

    Comment by Dave | December 2, 2022 | Reply

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