The Anonymous Widower

My Solution To Single Use Plastic Cutlery

The Government has announced that single use plastic cutlery will be banned.

I am 75 and like to start my day with a Full English breakfast, that comes in a cardboard pot from a well-known takeaway chain.

I found the solution in the cutlery drawer in my kitchen.

On Monday night, when Radio 5 was discussing single use plastic cutlery my solution was read out.

I now carry an iconic set of 1960s Sheffield-made cutlery in my brief-case for takeaways, which were wedding presents, my late wife and myself bought for ourselves. They have smooth stainless steel implements and black engineering plastic handles. A good cat’s lick and a wipe with a serviette and they’re ready for next time. Quality always wins, even with plastic.

Colin Murray, who was the presenter, was very complimentary.

These pictures show the spoon in use in Leon, this morning.

The design is called Sheba and the spoon was made by Butler in Sheffield, who are now owned by Arthur Price.

The handles are in an engineering plastic called Delrin from Dupont.

The spoon that I used this morning must be fifty years old and for much of that time, it’s been washed at least once a week in a dishwasher.



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