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The Wrong Kind Of Bleach?

This article on Railnews is entitled 9 September: News In Brief.

It has the following sub-title.

Wrong Bleach Took Caledonian Sleepers Out Of Service

This is the first sentence.

Cleabers who used the wrong specification of bleach in the toilets and shower rooms on Caledonian Sleepers caused significant damage after the chemicals reacted with stainless steel pipes,

To my knowledge stainless steel, especially when it contains increased levels of chromium and some molybdenum, can be very proof to attack from most substances.

Look at this Butler Shba cutlery made in Sheffield from stainless steel with black Delrin plastic handles, which have seen continuous use in my household for fifty years.

Now that’s what I call stainless steel!

Perhaps, the Spanish used the wrong type of stainless steel?

Delrin is a form of polyoxymethylene, which is an engineering plastic.

This plastic has a wide spectrum of usage, including in zips, bagpipes and metered dose inhalers, to name just three of hundreds.

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Where Do All The Teaspoons Go?

When I moved to London I had about a dozen teaspoons. I know I tend to use a lot in cooking, but I am now down to around six.

So where do all the teaspoons go?

I always remember seeing a spokesman for the cutlers in Sheffield on television, saying that the number of teaspoons sold far exceeds all other utensils.

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Does Everybody Cook With Teaspoons?

On the wall of my kitchen, I have one of those IKEA pots attached to my spice rack. It is full of teaspoons, that are used for all of those little actions, you do whilst cooking, like measuring, stirring and raking out tins.

Does every cook have a quickly accessible source of teaspoons?

Many years ago, I was told by someone, who worked for a cutlery manufacturer in Sheffield, that the number of teaspoons they make and sell was much larger and totally out of line with the number of knives, forks and spoons.

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An Old-Fashioned Tablespoon

I have one old-fashioned tablespoon, that is the right size for cooking.

An Old-Fashioned Tablespoon

 If anybody has any spares they don’t need, please let me know!

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Butler Sheba Cutlery

When we married in 1968, we didn’t have much, but we did purchase a rather extravagant set of Butler Sheba cutlery. There is very little information about the cutlery on the Internet, except for this small piece in the Design 1965 Journal.

Sheba Cutlery

Sheba Cutlery

They are a classic sixties design that was made in Sheffield.  The handles are actually a plastic called Delrin from DuPont.

I still use them everyday and they have always been washed in the dishwasher.

If anybody has any cutlery of this design in good nick, I might be pleased to purchase them.

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