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Dutch Take Aim At Lower Green Hydrogen Costs By Combining Offshore Wind And Floating Solar

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the sub-heading.

A consortium of Dutch companies has launched a government-backed project to explore the synergies between offshore wind, offshore solar and hydrogen production at sea for improved sustainability of North Sea renewable energy projects.

T thought about calling this post, The Dutch Go For The Full Monty, but there is no mention of wave or tidal power.

These two paragraphs outline the project.

The four-year project, dubbed Solar Enhanced North Sea Energy Hub (SENSE-HUB), is expected to accelerate the rollout of offshore solar into offshore renewable energy systems.

Let by TNO, short for Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, the project will address the integration of various energy system modules for the Dutch North Sea by understanding and removing the implementation barriers for future SENSE-HUBs from a technical, economical, ecological, legal and societal perspective.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more integrated systems like this in the waters around our coasts.

I also believe that the ultimate offshore energy production system will also use wave and tidal power to generate electricity and have inbuilt energy storage.

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