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Do We Really Want The Barking In Parliament?

This story about astrology from the BBC annoys me immensely. Here’s the start of it.

A Conservative MP has spoken of his belief in astrology and his desire to incorporate it into medicine.

David Tredinnick said he had spent 20 years studying astrology and healthcare and was convinced it could work.

The MP for Bosworth, a member of the health committee and the science and technology committee, said he was not afraid of ridicule or abuse.

Let’s face it Hitler was reportedly a believer in astrology.

At a minimum the MP must be removed from the Science and Technology Committee.

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What Do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pete Sampras, Carl Jung And Roy Hodgson Have In Common?

I could also throw in Magic Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Albert Hitchcock.

So Roy is the only football manager there, but they are a successful group of individuals.

And they’re all quetzals or those born under the sign of Leo in the Chinese year of the pig. I don’t believe in astrology, but I read a book linking the various threads of the beliefs together some years ago and they described Leo pigs as blessed and a 100% pure pork.

Sometimes when I look at my life, I certainly feel I have been very lucky and have made the best of at times of a very dodgy and difficult set of cards.

The same could be said for Roy Hodgson, who took over the poisoned challenge of the England job and has now got us to the World Cup Finals in Brazil.

But then you underestimate the strength of character of a Leo pig at your peril!

I should know, as Roy is just seven days older than myself!



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Nick Ross’s House

There has been a lot of talk in the paper about the profit TV presenter, Nick Ross, has made on his house.  It’s all here in the Telegraph.

To turn an investment of a million into thirty five, shows a certain skill, but it more probably is down to a lot of luck.

But then like me, he’s one of that select club of Leo pigs, born in 1947! These seem to get their fair share of luck; good and bad. I could also include Roy Hodgson, Maddy Prior and Katherine Hamnett. Hewlett-Packard was also incorporated two days after I was born on the 18th.

It’s all very strange, but just coincidence.

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Beware the Leo Pig

Roy Hodgson is just seven days older than I am. So that makes us both Leo pigs.  For more on this explosive mix of Chinese and European signs read this.

I know it’s all a load of old rubbish, but it seems to give them luck and end up in the right place at the right time.

We also all stick together.  So here’s wishing you luck Roy.  Not that Leo pigs need it.

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