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Cyclehoops By Selfridges

I found these two cyclehoops by Selfridges today.

One seemed to have had a bicycle part-nicked from it, bt the other was ready to do its job.

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The CrossRail TBMs At Limmo

I took these pictures today of the two CrossRail tunnel boring machines; Elizabeth and Victoria, at Limmo today from the DLR just before the Beckton branch gets to Canning Town station.

If you want to see them, you’ll probably have to be quick, as they’ll be dropped into the hole there soon.

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Another Coloured Police Horse

South Yorkshire Police gave the horses an exercise, whilst Town were in Barnsley.

As you can see, one is a very striking coloured horse, which the officer told me proudly was one of a matched pair. It certainly proves the odd Suffolk phrase.

A bad horse is always a bad colour, but a good horse is always a good one.

Usually, that was said in respect to chesnut mares, but then in Suffolk, chesnuts are always liked because of the Suffolk horse, which only come in that colour.

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In Style To Sheffield And Then This!

Barnsley must be one of the biggest towns in England without a direct service to London.  I was in a very comfortable First Class seat to Sheffield and then this.

In Style To Sheffield And Then This!

We have more comfortable and decidedly newer trains on the Overground.

The name of these Class 142‘s is even crap, as they’re called Pacers.  They should be called Crawlers or Rattlers. I suppose the only compensation was that the last bit of the journey took about fifteen minutes.

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Does St. Pancras Station Need A Second Clock?

As I sat in Carluccio’s having my coffee yesterday, I could only see the clock behind me, with a bit of difficulty.

So I got to thinking, that St. Pancras station might need a clock at the other end.

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Good Design Is Timeless

C, myself and our three boys, were the first occupants of 111, Cromwell Tower in the Barbican.  It was a good place to live and we all enjoyed it.

So I was very surprised to see a similar flat featured in yesterday’s Times comic.  It is in the middle tower;Shakespeare, with a picture showing Cromwell in the background.

Our’s was a three-bedroomed flat and they say that the one shown is two, but they may have been a similar layout.

It’s funny how you notice things, but we were mandated by the lease to have carpets everywhere to cut down the noise.  The flat shown has got wood block floors.

But otherwise they are surprisingly like the flat we knew.

If I walk to the end of my road, I can see Cromwell Tower, in all its crenellated glory.

I may have gone many miles in the forty years since we left, but all I’ve done is take a short run up the road to where my ancestors lived.

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What Would Brunel Have Thought?

It is being reported that the bridge at Dawlish station is being replaced by a new copy in plastic, because the steel work has corroded. You can get a measure of the conditions from this picture taken on the line through the station.

The South Devon Railway, on which Dawlish station is situated was built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

So what would he have thought about the use of plastic?

Brunel was an innovative user of the materials he had available and I believe he very much used the best material he had at his disposal for a particular job. His prefabricated timber bridges could best be described as masterpieces.

So I suspect that his ghost is right behind Network Rail’s decision.

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The Downside of PFI

I found this little story tucked away on the Internet. In 1998, London Underground entered into a PFI contract with a consortium called Powerlink to provide power to the system. Although, they have no issues with the consortium, London Underground have decided to exercise a break clause, that should save them £220m over the thirty year life of the contract.

Sounds like good and sensible business to me, unless you’re a member of the consortium.

Supposedly, New Buses for London cost about £330,000 each. If you divide this into £220m, you get approximately 667 buses.

Didn’t Transport for London just buy 600 New Buses for London?

It makes you think!

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Another Ipswich First

Ipswich is now believed to have the first Development Consent Order to come into force. This will allow the construction of the Ipswich Chord to take freight trains directly from the Felixstowe Branch towards Peterborough.

It doesn’t seem that the good burghers of Ipswich are bothered and that no badger-toed newts have been found on the site. But then they know a good thing when they see it.  I suppose the only objectors could be truck drivers, as the scheme will cut a lot of road journeys.

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Bus Pass On Rails

Modern Railways is reporting that the government is doing an experiment with First Great Western, whereby a concessionary bus-pass can effectively be used as a Senior Railcard.

I have both and it would be one less card to lose, if I had to carry just one card. The Freedom Pass also has a photograph and I have used it where a photo ID is required.

I also have to show both cards, when I go to Ipswich, by buying a ticket from the Zone 6 boundary to Ipswich, as I do the London end of the journey on my Freedom Pass.

I don’t know how many concessionary bus passes and Senior Railcards are in circulation, but abolishing the Senior Railcard and using the concessionary bus-pass wouldn’t be very affordable in these times of financial restraint.

But then the experiment may show that if those with bus-passes got rail travel with a third off, the extra revenue might pay for the scheme.

It certainly seems an idea that will eventually be implemented.

Especially, as it would be a real vote winner for the party that brought it in. Especially, if they tied up the rules, so that bus-passes worked under the same restrictions nationwide.

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